Tips from locals

Exploring a city like Lisbon can be done in different ways. You read all the travel guides you can find, view all kinds of videos about the city on or browse the internet in the search for a good site, full of tips from locals.

We regularly talk to residents of Lisbon, Lisboetas, about what they actually find the most beautiful thing about their city. Because to be honest, nobody knows a city better than a local. Why would you only visit the standard tourist sights if you can also get insider tips from locals? Those locals often know best where you can find that one hidden coffee shop, or where you can get the best pastéis de nata in Lisbon (Spoiler: it's not Pasteís de Belem!).

Luis's Lisbon (73) (retired engineer)
“I really love the history of my city. Unfortunately, the 1755 earthquake destroyed a large part of Lisbon, so lots of great buildings and monuments no longer exist.

The top 3 local tips from Luis:

1. Convento Carmo
“I like to come here to enjoy the silence, right in the middle of the city. The ruins themselves are impressive, at least as important are the relics found in the museum: from an Egyptian sarcophagus to Azulejos from the 18th century! ”

2. Sé de Lisboa
“I am not a deeply religious man, but the devotion and religious energy that hangs in this cathedral is almost tangible. A wonderful place to relax on a busy summer afternoon. ”

3. Praia da Adraga
“As a teenager, I liked coming to this beach. I walked along the shoreline with friends, philosophizing about life. And occasionally, we'd also met girls.”

Known and loved

And do not be mistaken, sometimes all those super famous sights are also worthwhile according to the locals! Castelo de São Jorge for example. Its in all the guides. On every website. Every top 10 list about Lisbon talks about it. And guess what? The locals also love it! Okay, they can go inside for free, but still. And we completely understand, the views from the castle are phenomenal!

Here you will find all insider tips we got from the locals. We keep this list of recommendations as up to date as possible.