Rua Augusta – from Rossio to Praça de Comércio

The walk from Rossio to Praça de Comércio will lead you through one of these ruas in the Baixa neighbourhood: Rua Augusta, Rua da Prata, Rua dos Correeiros, Rua dos Sapateiros, each street has a different charm and something else to offer.

Rua Augusta in Lisbon

The most famous of the above streets is the Rua Augusta.

Rua Augusta facing the Tagus river

Straight through Baixa Pombalina

Rua Augustastreet is centrally located in the Baixa and is one of the most famous shopping streets in the historic center of Lisbon.

Rua Augusta facing Rossio square

If you want to shop the well-known (international) brands, Rua Augusta is the place to be. Besides shopping, you can also get something to eat or to drink. But for that we’d advise you to take a side street: often the restaurants at Rua Augusta are very touristy, with prices accordingly.

Arco Rua da Augusta

If you walk all the way from Rossio to Praça do Comércio, you can see the Arco da Rua Augusta from afar.

Arco Rua Augusta

The triumphal arch was built after the 1755 earthquake that destroyed a large part of Lisbon and in particular the Baixa district. You can climb the Arco and enjoy the view of the historic city from a height of 30 meters

How to get to Rua da Augusta

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