Ribeira das Naus – down to the beach in Lisbon

Looking to cool off during the hot summer days, but your visit to Lisbon is just too short to go to the beach? Don’t panic! Grab your beach towel and head to Ribeira das Naus!

Ribeira das Naus - richintg comercio
Ribeira das Naus is the promenade along the Tagus River between Praça de Comercio and Cais do Sodré.

Boulevard along the Tagus

Redevelopment of Ribeira das Naus started in 2013 – the renovation of the old port area took longer than expected but since 2018 this is a very nice place to enjoy the sun.

Ribeira das Naus - :quiosque
If you walk up the boulevard at Cais do Sodré towards the east, you can sit at the quay and enjoy the beautiful view of Ponte 25 de Abril en de wijk Almada, district, on the other side of the Tagus River. When you continue walking, just after Quiosque Ribeira das Naus the stairs start descending to the water. This place is very inviting to lay down your towel and enjoy the sun.

Ribeira das Naus zonnen
The steps lead up to Ministério do Mar (Ministry of Maritime Affairs), and then circle back onto the quay by means of a bridge.

At Praça de Comércio, the boulevard turns into Cais das Colunas, the stairs with the columns that used to belong to one of the most important gateways to the city.

Ribeira das Naus Cais das Colunas
On the other side of the road there is a park, slightly elevated from the rest. From here you have a good overview of the boulevard.

Ribeira das Naus park voor ministerie
Good to know: there is a public restroom under the lawn (of the park), take a 50 cents coin to get access.

Colorful sculptures on the waterfront

Near Praça de Comércio you will find colourful sculptures on the waterfront. This is the work of two retired artists, Míro and Pédro, who met here in 2016.
Ribeira das Naus - overzicht kunst
Two years later, it is impossible to imagine the streets without them. They make works of art from the stones in the Tagus: Pédro paints the stones and Míro balances them. The end result is a fine piece of craftsmanship.
Ribeira das Naus - kunst miro
They create sculptures with different dimensions, shapes and colours. Or as they describe it themselves: it is always a “balanced image with a touch of their magic and the magic of stone”.

Míro and Pédro can be found here every day creating new sculptures and fixing those that broke during the night.
Ribeira das Naus kunst Pedro
Their work is really very interesting, it can happen that a group of bystanders, or rather admirers, applaud loudly.

Swimming not allowed

However tempting it may be on hot days, swimming in the Tagus is not allowed. You can get some sun along the waterfront but it is forbidden to swim.
Ribeira das Naus - strand
The Tagus is still a much navigated river, which large cargo ships sailing through. Besides that you have to ask yourself how clean the Tagus is – not very good for swimming.

Eating and drinking along the waterfront

Just like throughout Lisbon, you’ll find many bars at Ribeira das Naus. Halfway the boulevard you’ll find Quisque Ribeira das Naus and when you head towards Cais do Sodré there are more restaurants to choose from.

On the quay there are small stalls with cocktails and fruit juices everywhere.

Where to find Ribeira das Naus


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