Praça das Flores – picturesque square in São Bento

Do you know that feeling when you get to a place that feels so good: the atmosphere, the conviviality that you can stay there for hours. That’s the effect Praça das Flores square has on me.

Praça das Flores overzicht``

This romantic square radiates something I can’t get enough of, every time I come here I take dozens of photos and often they all look alike, with the seasons being only difference.

Praça das Flores fontein

Most loved square

Not only I like going to this romantic square, the Lisboetas this is one of Lisbon’s best squares too.

What makes the square so popular is the tranquillity that’s always around here. The park almost only consists of calçadas with benches and a small fountain. There are many trees here too, which cools everything down and provides shade during hot days.

Praça das Flores quosque

Many dining options

Around the square there are many eateries such as a quiosque with purple chairs, the Pasteleria Pao de Canela, and Restaurante Peixaria Centenária.

Praça das Flores overzicht

If you walk into Rua Nova da Piedade towards Palácio São Bento (the parliament building), you’ll come across many more eateries such as the Nannarella ice-cream parlour, Tease – where you can eat delicious cakes, and Copenhagen Coffee Lab for a good cup of coffee.

Where to find Praça das Flores

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