Andorinha – Swallows in Lisbon


When you visit Lisbon you will probably see many images, graffiti and ceramic pottery dedicated to the andorinha – the swallow. In fact, they are everywhere in the city and even throughout Portugal. But what is the meaning of this and why do you see swallows in the streets everywhere?…

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Going for coffee in Lisbon – serious business!

Koffie - cimbali apparaat

Do you like coffee? And do you want to get through your holiday in Lisbon without the stress of not knowing how to order a coffee the right way? Then stop what you were doing right now and read on with due attention, for this article will tell you everything…

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Car rental in Lisbon: what you need to know

Auto huren - snelweg

Lisbon is a city with surroundings that invite you to go and explore by car. From the city centre it’s a 45 minute drive to the westernmost piece of European mainland, and the beaches and coastline to the west of the city are breathtaking! If you want to give your…

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Festas de Lisboa- Lisbon’s city festival

Festas manjerico

The entire month of June is dedicated to the city festivals: it’s time for Lisbon to celebrate Festas de Lisboa! Especially in the city’s oldest districts such as Alfama, Mouraria and Bairro Alto the evenings are extremely pleasant because of all the festivities. The festivities go on during the entire…

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Easter in Lisbon – traditional food

Semana Santa is an important week for Catholics in Portugal. In many cities there are Easter processions, you can also find a couple in Lisbon. Vooral in het noorden van Portugal, met name in Braga, wordt Pasen groots gevierd. In the north of Portugal, especially in Braga, Easter is celebrated…

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Electric scooters are taking over Lisbon!

Step screenshot

Since the winter of 2018 the streets of Lisbon have been overrun by electric scooters. Especially in the more touristic areas you can see them pass by frequently. At the moment the places where you can find the scooters are shooting up like crazy, especially in the districts Baixa, Chiado…

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6 historical highlights in Lisbon

When we think about Lisbon we think about one big open-air museum, especially in the center of the city you can find many old buildings. Legend has it that Lisbon was founded by the Greek hero Odysseus during his long journey home, the Odyssey. The first trade happened around 1200…

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