A Smiling adventure in Lisbon – Photoshoot in Alfama

Lisbon, and particularly the enchanting Alfama with its picturesque alleyways and vibrant colored houses, provides the perfect backdrop for capturing unforgettable moments. Amidst the historical charm of narrow streets and a lively atmosphere, every corner of Alfama sets the stage for creating beautiful photos.

Exploring Alfama with the selfie stick
Whenever we explore Alfama, we always make sure our selfie stick is within reach. Every moment is unique, and it would be a shame not to capture it. With our 9- and 6-year-old daughters, we often try to take spontaneous photos that we can hang on our walls back home. Unfortunately, this proves to be a challenge at times, as not every selfie turns out perfectly. No one looks truly sparkling in the photo when everyone is already fully in the frame, and not with just one eye or half a face.

Recently, we came across Smiler, a startup that connects local photographers with customers. For travelers (such as couples, solo travelers, families, and groups of friends) seeking beautiful photos in unique locations, Smiler offers the perfect solution.

Book your photoshoot here: For an unforgettable photoshoot in Lisbon, with a local photographer and flexible options, Smiler is the perfect choice!”

A match with Smiler
We immediately found a match and decided to book a family photoshoot. A photoshoot during a vacation is an ideal moment; everyone is relaxed, often in a good mood, and how cool is it to explore the city with a local guide.

Booking a photoshoot through Smiler is simple; on their website, you enter the location, in our case: Lisbon. For 55 euros, you can book a 30-minute photo session and receive the most beautiful 25 photos in your inbox within 48 hours.

Smiler offers several locations in Lisbon for the photoshoot: in Belém, Praça de Comércio, Alfama, and soon also Parque Eduardo VII. Especially for Christmas, you can now also take ‘Christmas card photos in Baixa‘ in Lisbon.

The perfect setting in Alfama
For our shoot, we chose Alfama, and the photographer, Nelson, sent us a reminder with the meeting location at the Sé Cathedral. Nelson, an experienced photographer from Lisbon, made the session extra special by not only capturing us beautifully in photos but also introducing us to the city and its hidden gems.

We walked from Sé Cathedral to the miradouros, where we can confidently say that we shone as a family in the warm Portuguese sun. It was late October when we did the photoshoot, in the middle of the day. It was still around 20 degrees, and the sun was shining quite strongly. So much so that we were really squinting. Nelson had the good idea to descend a bit more into the streets of Alfama to find beautiful spots for the photos.
The photoshoot was relaxed and enjoyable. Nelson ensures that you feel comfortable. The children happily frolic around, and Nelson captured their spontaneous moments of joy, curiosity, and affection, resulting in spontaneous and heartwarming photos. The great thing was that Nelson did not strictly adhere to the 30 minutes, making the experience even more special.

Beautiful photos within 48 hours
Within 48 hours, we received the photos via a link in our inbox. Nelson made a careful selection of 25 beautiful photos. If you want more, Smiler offers flexible options to purchase additional photos. The next 20 photos are 45 euros, 50 extra photos cost 75 euros. Individual photos cost 1 euro each. We chose to ask Nelson for another 25 photos, in which he made another selection. Within a day, we had the link to our additional photos in our inbox. Only when you have the link and you download the photos, do you pay for them.

Highly recommended to book a photoshoot directly!
We look back with joy on our enchanting photoshoot in Alfama, Lisbon, via Smiler. Nelson, the skilled photographer, not only created beautiful images but also shared his local knowledge, making the experience extra special. Smiler’s flexibility, from effortless bookings to the quick delivery of breathtaking photos, exceeded our expectations. The relaxed atmosphere during the shoot, amidst the sunny streets of Alfama, resulted in spontaneous and heartwarming images of our family. The option to purchase extra photos at reasonable prices added even more satisfaction. For anyone visiting Lisbon, a Smiler photoshoot is a valuable investment for lasting memories of a smiling adventure.

Smiler’s photoshoots in Lisbon are versatile and suitable for various audiences, including couples looking to immortalize their love, solo travelers wanting to create a lasting memory, families enjoying moments together, and groups of friends seeking a unique experience. Whether you’re searching for romantic images, solo portraits, family moments, or joyful group photos, Smiler offers a fitting photoshoot experience for everyone.

Disclaimer: Smiler.co has not paid us for this article. Because we wanted to experience a photoshoot with them quickly and happened to be in Lisbon, we simply paid for it ourselves.

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