Páteo Alfacinha – Lisbon’s best kept secret

One of the best things about having a travel blog about Lisbon is to discover special places and then actually not being able to wait to write about them. But at the same time, as you discover that place, you wonder if you wouldn’t rather keep it all to yourself. Páteo Alfacinha is such a place.

The name Páteo Alfacinha can be traced back to a name given to Lisbon residents: Alfacinha (a type of lettuce) – when we asked our friends no one could tell us exactly why this is a pet name for the people of Lisbon.

Passion for Lisbon

Páteo Alfacinha was founded in 1981 by Vitor Seijo, a very passionate connoisseur of the city. Páteo Alfacinha is the place where he built his dream and recreated a special part of the city.

Páteo Alfacinha overzicht plein
Because of his passion for the city, Vitor Seijo thought about typical residential areas, noble zones and traditional trade.

Páteo Alfacinha kruidenier

This is how he began to build the different rooms surrounding the patio: a chapel, a barbershop, a tavern, a bakery, a pub, an antiquarian bookshop and of course houses for the “alfacinhas”. After 30 years, Páteo Alfacinha is still a versatile place where you can eat, organize an event and even rent office space.

Best kept secret

Overlooking the Tagus and hidden between ordinary houses, this is one of Lisbon’s best kept secrets. As a visitor you have the feeling that the construction is original for the period, because of the original materials.

Páteo Alfacinha azulejos
Built as a living open-air museum, the Páteo is full of Portuguese traditions, such as the Portuguese pavement, blacksmiths, stones and tiles, bringing the picturesque side of the city to life.

Restaurants at Páteo Alfacinha

Besides a visit to the páteo you can enjoy delicious typical Portuguese food in restaurants that go with it.

Páteo Alfacinha plein
The Horta restaurant will amaze you with its beautiful views over the houses of Lisbon and the Tagus, Ponte 25 de Abril and beyond on the terrace during the summer.

In winter restaurant Mercearia is open, also with breathtaking views of Lisbon, but in a more welcoming version. The supermarket emphasizes the typical Portuguese atmosphere. The dishes, inspired by traditional Portuguese cuisine, are made with fresh ingredients from specially selected local produce.

Where to find Páteo Alfacinha

Address: Rua Guarda-Jóias 44, Ajuda
Openinghours: Tuesday through Sunday 12:30 – 3 p.m. and 7:30 – 10 p.m. Closed on Monday

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