Museu do Fado – the history behind the life song

In Alfama, you’ll find Museu do Fado, a small museum paying tribute to the traditional Portuguese musical genre born in the working-class neighborhoods of Alfama and Mouraria in Lisbon. Museu Fado voorkant

Audio tour in the museum

The museum, though small, is delightful to explore and gain an understanding of Fado’s history. As is often the case with music, this museum is more about listening than observing. The audio tour allows you to hear stories and listen to the fadistas sing. However, it’s worth noting that the audio tour may not always function seamlessly, and some numbers under photos may not correspond well. The information provided by the audio tour might be perceived as a bit lengthy at times. If this bothers you, consider skipping the audio tour, as there’s much more to the museum.

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The story behind Fado

Museu do Fado elucidates the evolution and passion behind the Portuguese song of life. Beyond just hearing the songs, the museum delves into the cultural and social impact of Fado, from its use in films to the influence of censorship during Salazar’s regime in the 20th century. Fado holds a special place in the lives of many Portuguese, expressing the emotions of life, including sorrow, melancholy, joy, nostalgia, saudade, and celebration. Museu do fado overzicht We were captivated by the documentary featuring renowned fadistas sharing their perspectives on Fado and what it means to them. The museum also provides a list of the best Fado restaurants in Lisbon, definitely worth exploring. If you have the Lisboa Card you’ll enjoy a discount on museum admission and free travel on Lisbon’s metro, buses, and trams.

Where to Find Museu do Fado

Closed on Mondays. Open Tuesday to Sunday 10 am to 6 pm
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