Miradouro da Nossa Senhora do Monte – highest vantage point in Lisbon

Miradouro da Nossa Senhora do Monte is the highest miradouros in Lisbon. If you want to come back from Lisbon with beautiful panoramic photos of your holiday, this is definitely the place to go to!

Miradouro da Nossa Senhora do Monte offers a beautiful view of Baixa, Tagus river, Ponte 25 de Abril and Castelo de São Jorge. BIn clear weather you can see very far and make beautiful pictures.

My favorite miradouros

For me this is one of the most beautiful miradouros in the city, but like all of Lisbon it’s been discovered by other tourists bigtime, with tuk-tuks set up in front to take tourists to their next destination.

Nowadays there are not many residents who enjoy the beautiful view, because according to the residents there is too much noise these days. Often there is a street musician, offering great background music.

Miradouro nossa lissabon wacht op jou

Don’t be put off by the tourists and the many tuk-tuks though, because the view is really beautiful and well worth the climb up the sometimes steep mountain.

What applies to every miradouros is that during sunset the light over Lisbon is the most beautiful. Because Miradouro da Nossa Senhora do Monte is so high, the sunset makes the view even more spectacular.

A drink there

There is no café here to buy something to drink. Sometimes there is a mobile scooter where you can buy coffee – this is a very expensive option compared to a coffee in a pastelaria or a bar. There is also no supermarket nearby, so if you want to enjoy a drink here, you have to bring your own.

More happiness for the pregnant ladies

Not only is the view beautiful, but the miradouro also has a chapel. The chapel was built by Augustinian monks after the recapture of Lisbon in 1147. They took care of the hermitage near the miradouro and placed stones in the shape of a chair that belonged to the saint.

Around this chair arose the legend that pregnant ladies who went outside would have an uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery. The wife of King D. Joao the Fifth, Maria Anna of Austria, sat there when she was pregnant with the heir to the throne.


Like everywhere in Lisbon, the graffiti in Miradouro da Nossa Senhora do Monte is clearly visible. If you don’t like the view, don’t forget to look at the alley that goes downwards at the back. Many wall artists have left their street art signatures there.

Miradouro Nossa Graffitti

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How to get to Miradouro da Nossa Senhora do Monte

From Martim Moniz it is about 20 minutes walk (uphill).

Address: Largo Monte Lisbon

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