Mãe d’Água – Hidden water temple

Mãe d’Água (which translates to “mother of water”) is the old main reservoir, completed in 1834, where the water supplied from Aqueduto das Águas Livres was stored and distributed to the fountains in the city. Mãe d’Água is not only the oldest water reservoir in Lisbon, but with a capacity of 5500 m3 it is also the largest water reservoir in the city.

Mãe d’Água - entree

Before 1748 there was a chronic lack of water in the city of Lisbon. There were only three fountains in the city where the inhabitants could get their water from. With the arrival of the eye-catching Aqueduto das Águas Livres there were major improvements in the water supply.

Soothing water temple

Mãe d’Água is located just outside the city centre, for many locals it is one of the favorite places to go. When you have visited the water reservoir, you will certainly understand why.

The water reservoir looks like a small castle in the middle of the residential area of Amoreiras. Its five meters thick walls bring a lovely coolness in the summer.

Mãe d’Água - fontein
Mãe d’Água is beautiful to see. When you walk in, you immediately notice the beauty of this water reservoir. The large massive columns covered with marble, and water so clear that you can easily see the bottom at 7.5 meters. And then there’s the striking waterfall fountain, the end point of the aqueduct, it top it off.
Mãe d’Água - trap in bassin
Don’t forget to walk up the stairs, you can see the waterfall from above. A further climb leads to the panoramic terrace of Mãe d’Água, where you can enjoy an exceptional and truly breathtaking view of Lisbon.

Mãe d’Água - dakterras

Few tourists

Mãe d’Água has become a popular venue for special events such as weddings, fashion shows, classical concerts and art exhibitions. If you want to relax after a while in the busy centre, this is a nice place to go. There is not much tourism going on here, the atmosphere is very relaxed. To give you an idea, we spent well over an hour here with our two toddlers.

And a nice side note is that it is out of the city centre, but very easily accessible by public transport!
Tram 24 has a stop right next to the entrance. From Marques de Pombal iit is a comfortable 15 minute walk.

Mãe d’Água is located Jardim das Amoreiras, a small and cozy city park where we like to come and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere there, while escaping the tourists..

Where to find Mãe d’Água

Address: 10 Praça das Amoreiras, Amoreiras
Opening hours: Tuesday through Saturday 10:00 – 12:30 and 13:30 – 17:30. Sunday and Monday closed

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