LX Factory – Small city hidden under the bridge

In 1846 one of the largest factories in Lisbon moved to the place where now the LX Factory is. At that time, it was just outside the city. More than 23,000 m2 of industrial complex was present there during the golden times that Lisbon had at that time.

The site was left as it is for a while but in 2008 there were plans to make the LX Factory what it is now. LX Factory is seen by the locals as a small city, mainly for creative people.

Industrial appearance

Locating LX Factory takes a bit of concentration but once you are in the vicinity you can recognise it from the gate with the name written in large luminous letters. As soon as you enter the gate of LX Factory, you are in the industrial environment of the past. On the site you can find the old robust buildings that have been transformed into shops, bars and galleries.

Industriele uitstraling van LX Factory in Lissabon

There are many workshops, (traditional) restaurants, design shops and even a concert hall where local bands perform. An old container has been converted into a kiosk where you can buy various bags as well as magazines and newspapers.

Wonderful atmosphere

The atmosphere at the LX Factory is very relaxed and no-nonsense. That makes it extra nice to walk around and check out the stores. Everyday there is something different to do. If you have plans to go here, check out the site.

Trendy, but not just for hipsters

Enjoy creativity and be amazed by the many graffiti art (street art) on the walls. LX Factory is not (yet) included in all travel guides – which is a good thing because usually there are still more locals than tourists walking around. If you’ve already read about it, you might think that LX Factory is trendy.

I don’t think that’s the case necessarily. The atmosphere is absolutely different than in the city centre, but certainly not just for hipsters. That is the nice thing about the LX Factory: even if you’re not a great art connoisseur and / or creative person, the atmosphere here is still very nice.

LX brug

Eating at LX Factory

If you decide to have something to eat at one of the stores on the premises, keep in mind that the prices are above average. One of the restaurants on site is Rio Maravilha. The restaurant resembles a large living room with a huge roof terrace, where you can look out over the Tagus and Ponte 25 Abril. The cocktails are very good here and in the evening there is an opportunity to dance.

To get to the restaurant you look out for the elevator that takes you to the 4th floor. Piece of advice though: because this is an old elevator you might want to take the stairs, especially if you don’t really like elevators to begin with. But just think that every day many people go up with this thing, so why should things go south just now?

How to get to LX Factory

Address: Rua Rodrigues de Faria 103, Alcântara
Opening hours: Open every day from 6 – 4 a.m.

LX Factory is located under the pillars of the Ponte 25 Abril and can be reached by bus 714 (boarding point Praca Figueira) and from the stop Calvário it’s a comfortable 3 minutes walk.

On foot it’s over an hour from Rossio. The best way to get there is by taxi, which will cost you about 10 euros.

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