Igreja de Santo António de Lisboa – the birth ground of Santo António

Just a stone’s throw away from cathedral Se Lisboa you will find Igreja de Santo António de Lisboa. This church is built in the place where António de Padua was born in 1195. The church is entirely dedicated to St. António (St. Anthony).

Igreja de Santo António de Lisboa - altaar

Santo António is the patron saint of weddings, women and children, lost objects and lovers.

Santo António

Saint Anthony is a very beloved saint in Lisbon and is considered the city-protecting saint. In the month of June, during Festas de Lisboa, Santo António is the central point of the festival. On June 13 the procession takes place in honour of this city-protector saint.

Igreja de Santo António de Lisboa - feest

During the procession his statue is carried through the streets of Alfama along Igreja de Santo António de Lisboa.

The church

The church offers an oasis of peace in the busy Alfama district. With its façade (in baroque and neoclassical styles), the church exudes peace and tranquillity. The church was originally built in the 14th century but was severely damaged during the 1755 earthquake. The present church dates from 1757.

Igreja de Santo António de Lisboa - voor

The interior of Igreja de Santo António de Lisboa contains many paintings and sculptures about the life of Santo António. Don’t forget to look at the beautiful stained glass windows – the light enters in a special way.

Igreja de Santo António de Lisboa - paus-002
On 1982 Pope John Paul II visited the church. A commemoration of this can be found in a tableau of azulejos hanging above the staircase that goes down to the crypt where Santo António was born.

The crypt

The crypt is situated under the birthplace of Santo António. Just like the Pope in 1982 you can kneel here for the bed.

Igreja de Santo António de Lisboa - crypte
If you go to Igreja de Santo António de Lisboa, don’t skip a visit to the crypt. It is well marked in the church and you can see another part of the church than just the nave.

The square in front of the church

The church is located on a charming square which you pass by when you take elétrico 28 On the square there’s the statue of Santo António, holding a book and a baby in his hands. If you want a new (or better) partner, throw a coin at the statue. It is important to throw the coin in the book (if you throw it on the baby it won’t work). The statue was blessed during the visit of Pope John Paul II.

We thought it was a relieving experience to visit this church. It is much quieter than the neighbouring
Sé Lisboa. A visit to this church is highly recommended!

Where to find Igreja de Santo António de Lisboa

Address: Largo de Santo António da Sé, Alfama
Opening hours:Monday to Friday 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. | Saturday and Sunday 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.

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