Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Saúde – Our Lady of Good Health

In the middle of the busy city centre of Lisbon you can find the church Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Saúde. It is not hard to miss it when you are discovering the city: the facade is relatively simple and therefore not very conspicuous.
Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Saúde - binnenin
The church is right next to Praça Martim Moniz and when you’re looking for the escalator escadinhas da saude that brings you from the Mouraria district to Castelo de São Jorge , you might not see until you’re on the escalator already.
Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Saúde - voorkant
And then you might not even notice the building itself, but rather the beautiful calçada (mozaïek) in front of the church.

Our Lady of Good Health

The small church stands on the spot where a chapel was built in 1505. After the plague epidemic in 1569, the chapel was dedicated to the Nossa Senhora da Saúde, which translates to “Our Lady of Good Health”.
Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Saúde - sanhora
During the great earthquake of 1755, the chapel was damaged and the church as we know it today was built.

This church gives you a cozy feeling when you enter through the door. The many images of different saints on azulejos, the wooden floor and benches, the altar. It somehow doesn’t match each other, but maybe that’s why it gives the church such an interesting look.

Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Saúde azulejos
One of the biggest processions starts from this church, of course in honour of the Nossa Senhora da Saúde.

Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Saúde - altaar
The church is less than 5 minutes walk from Rossio and is located diagonally next to the starting stop of elétrico 28, so chances are you’ll ever be in the neighbourhood. We advise you to visit Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Saúde, if only to take a look inside.

Where can you find Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Saúde?
Address: Rua da Mouraria 1, Mouraria
Opening hours: every day 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. – Attention! If there is a mass, the church is not accessible to tourists.

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