Capela de Santo Amaro – A Mysterious Chapel in the Heart of Alcântara

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Just a short distance from the city center hides a hidden gem regarded by locals as a true treasure: Capela de Santo Amaro. Local lore whispers stories of a mysterious resident from the past, and the entire atmosphere exudes an irresistible allure.

Since 1910, this enchanting chapel has proudly stood as a national monument, and in my opinion, it is truly one of Lisbon’s treasures.

Capela de Santo Amaro through the years

The origin of the chapel remains shrouded in mystery and sparks debates among Lisboetas when inquired about. Stories vary, with some claiming that sailors from Galicia founded the chapel, while others believe it was the brotherhood of the Order of Christ. What is certain is that Capela de Santo Amaro was founded around 1530, making it the oldest chapel in Lisbon. Throughout the centuries, the chapel served as the backdrop for processions held annually on January 15th, with the last one taking place in 1911.

The Dome – the heart of the chapel

The chapel emanates the beautiful Renaissance style, with the atrium adorned with remarkable azulejos depicting Santo Amaro (also known as Maurus). Santo Amaro is renowned as the healer of broken limbs, where people with fractures would stand next to the altar for healing. Don’t forget to admire the three 18th-century wrought-iron gates, contributing to the mysterious character of the chapel.

A Short Steep Climb for a Stunning View

Capela de Santo Amaro is not only a beautiful chapel but also serves as a miradouro with breathtaking views of the Ponte 25 de Abril and the majestic Tagus River. Visiting the chapel requires some effort, with a steep staircase reflecting the symbolism of the city of seven hills, accessible from Museu da Carris. You can easily navigate to the chapel, where only a few steps separate you from admiring this enchanting place.

Where to Find Capela de Santo Amaro

Address: Calçada Santo Amaro 21, Alcântara Opening Hours: Open to the public on Mondays | Mass on the first Sunday of the month.

Want to discover this mysterious chapel? Follow the map below:

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