Vidal Fabricas – fabric shop in Estrela

Granted, the fabric store Vidal Fabricas is not the first thing you’ll think of visiting during your city break to Lisbon. But if you’re a fan of beautiful fabrics and can handle a sewing machine well, then a visit to this fabric shop is more than worthwhile.

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So many fabrics, choosing is hard

I came to Vidal fabricas with a mission, and luckily so, because when I saw all the fabrics I dreamed up with more and more things to make on the sewing machine. My enthusiasm was overtaken by my realistic thoughts that I am not a huge hero with a sewing machine.

Vidal fabricas - rollen stof
The fabric I was looking for is called Lenços de Namorados. I want to make dresses out of this for my two daughters, so that they’ll walk around in cute and lovely clothes for their next visit.

It’s very cool to see how many fabrics there are, all still on the roll and 6-8 rolls above each other.

Portuguese fabrics

I came especially for Lenços de Namorados, but there are many other fabrics with Portuguese motifs on them. They have cleverly placed these at the entrance, if you have come across a nice cut-out then a piece of fabric from Vidal Fabricas might fit well.

Vidal fabricas portugese stoffen

Combining with a visit to the district Campo do Ourique

Is the Campo do Ourique district on your bucket list, maybe just to escape from the busy city centre? Then definitely pay this shop a visit!

You can easily combine a visit to this fabric shop if you walk from Basílica da Estrela and Jardim da Estrela towards the cemetery Cemitério dos Prazeres and Mercado de Campo de Ourique.
Vidal fabricas - toonbank
If you travel with eléctrico 28 to the end stop, you can spot Vidal fabricas on your right.
Vidal Fabricas is not the only fabric shop here, there are actually three next to each other. But Vidal Fabricas is the most spectacular.

Where to find Vidal fabricas

Adress: Rua Saraiva de Carvalho 356 B e D, Campo do Ourique
Opening hours: Monday – Saturday: 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.

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