Lisbon Duck Store – what a nice quack

You’ll probably visit Lisbon for the beautiful old buildings, the atmosphere of the city, the friendly people and the delicious food, beautiful wines and other tasty national liqueurs. But then suddenly you walk into a very cheerful shop: Lisbon Duck Store.

Lisbon duckstore ingang

The Duck Store concept is not entirely unknown to us, because in Amsterdam we often walked past another one in the Jordaan District, but we certainly did not expect this store on the edge of the Alfama.

Ducks, ducks, ducks everywhere

In our home we usually have great fun when we give the kids a bath and the bag with rubber ducks comes into play. Just out of curiosity about which ducks are sold in the Lisbon Duck store, we stepped inside.

Overzicht eendjes Lisbon Duckstore

The store has more than 180 different ducks such as astronauts, Indians, firefighters, pirates, grandfather and grandmother ducks, bridal ducks, unicorn ducks, ducks that looks like pigs, flight attendant ducks, Harry Potter ducks (Harry Ponder) and so on.

They managed to create a nice play with words for most of the ducks. One of the more clever examples,was the Donald Trump duck, saying Make America Quack again. They also didn’t forget about the hugely popular Star Wars franchise: we get to meet a Pond Trooper, there’s a Chewquacker duck and of course you can get yourself a Duck Vader.

Lisbon Ducks naamgrapjes

Portuguese ducks: CR7

To set the Lisbon Duck Store apart from the rest, there are some Portugal themed rubber ducks. There are ducks with a viola de fado (Portuguese guitar), ducks with an Azulejos motif and with
elétrico 28 on it. And the national pride: a rubber duck that is a spitting image of Portuguese football hero Cristiano Ronaldo.

The rubber ducks are not very cheap: the small ones are about 5 euros, the regular ducks cost 8.95 and the limited editions ducks set you back some 18.00 euros.

Where can you find Lisbon Ducks

Address: Rua da Madalena 54, Baixa
Opening hours: every day from 9 am to 9:30 pm

Address: Largo Dr. António de Sousa de Macedo 6B, Santa Catarina
Opening hours: every day from 9 am to 9:30 pm

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