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Sometimes you discover a store that is just dangerous to walk into. Ceramics shop Cerâmicas na Linha is such a place. The trick is this: before you step into the door, you have to agree on a maximum budget with yourself.

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Because before you know it you can’t choose from all the nice trays, dishes and plates and you end up taking everything to avoid the choosing stress. Not good for your savings account and in addition, you soon won’t be able to close the doors on your kitchen cabinets.

Authentic ceramics

Cerâmicas na Linha sells authentic ceramics, not the cheap counterfeit stuff you find in most souvenir shops.

Ceramicas na linha - Luza hoek

They buy their products from six different factories that specialize in making ceramic products. These factories are located throughout Portugal. The store clerk guaranteed that all products are made in Portugal.

Large selection of ceramics

That fact that Cerâmicas na Linha buys their products from six different factories is the main reason they can offer such a large selection of ceramic goods. There is a lot of variation in their products. So you’re guaranteed to find the right piece to take home!

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Pay per kilo

When you walk around in the store, it is clear that there are two options to pay, depending on the product that you want to buy. A product can be offered preço por peça (per piece) or per kilo. When it is per kilo, it is weighed at the cash register.

Ceramicas na linha stelling kast

Fortunately (for me) there are two racks with slightly damaged products. These are sold per piece for only 3 euros. Usually there’s a little piece of ceramics missing, so they can’t sell it for the normal price. The damage is usually not that bad and the items are certainly very nice to get for those prices.

I’d prefer to buy everything in those two racks, but then I think of my hand luggage (and the budget I agreed with myself, and the bulging kitchen doors) and what needs to be packed with traveling with two children. Fortunately I can get a hold on myself.

The spoils

I decides to buy a water jug and a serving plate with azulejos motif. Both were slightly damaged, almost unnoticeable. For the chipped serving plate my Portuguese girlfriend offered a solution: treat it with some blue nail polish and no one will notice it is chipped. Lifehack!

I heart ceramics

As you’d have gathered already, I love ceramics, especially with azulejos motif on them. Good thing I found the two cabinets with the damaged stuff. That way the kitchen cabinets are not overly filled yet and I also have some money left. I think I’ll stop at a pastelaria now.

Ceramicas na Linha - blauwe keramiek

Where to find Cerâmicas na Linha

You can find the store in Lisbon in Chiado.
Address: Rua Capelo 16, Chiado
Opening hours: Monday – Saturday: 10am – 8pm Sunday 12:00 – 8 pm

They also have a shop in Oeiras, if you are staying outside of Lisbon.
Address: Rua Doutor José da Cunha 20B, Chiado
Opening hours: Monday – Saturday: 10am – 8pm

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  1. says: Michael Holyk

    Hi, I hope you are well. We have purchased a few bowls and plates from you on holiday and we really love them. Do you sell wholesale, please? I have a few pictures to share with you as we are starting a restaurant and would love to stock your tableware!

    1. Unfortunately, we cannot help you. We are a website that blogs about nice places in Lisbon that we would like to share with you. We have also been to this beautiful shop. We are not the retailers.