Centro Vasco da Gama – where the locals do their shopping

Portuguese love big shopping malls. Fact. In and around Lisbon alone you can find at least four malls that fit in the category “extremely huge shopping centres”. Centro Vasco da Gama is definitely one of them.
Vasco da gama shopping mall
Compared to the other four, Centro Vasco da Gama shopping centre certainly has the coolest location, in Parques das Nações. This makes it especially popular on weekends, when whole Portuguese families go to the Oceanário de Lisboa or one of the other attractions in this area.

More than 160 shops

This large shopping centre has more than 160 shops. You’ll find the big chains like C&A, H&M, Bershka and Mango, but also the smaller typical Portuguese shops can be found here. To top it all off there’s a huge Continente supermarket on the ground floor.

On the food court on the third floor you can of course enjoy good food, but above all you can enjoy the view of the waterfront of Parques das Nações. The indoor cinema has six rooms, and there is also a fitness club in the shopping mall.

Not just for tourists

The doors to Centro Vasco da Gama opened for the first time in 2009. From the beginning, many people from the area and people from surrounding cities such as Loures came here to do their weekly shopping.

Centro Vasco da Gama is a perfect opportunity to combine shopping with fun things, lik a visit to the Oceanário de Lisboa, the MEO arena, the Teleférico, or the Pavilhão do Conhecimento.

In the parking garage under Centro Vasco da Gama there is room for about 2600 cars. The shopping centre is easily accessible by public transport, Estação do Oriente station is right across the road.

Where to find Centro Vasco da Gama

Address: Avenida Dom João II 40, Parques das Nações
Opening hours: every day 09:00 – 00:00 hours

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