Centro Comercial Colombo – Europe’s largest shopping centre

You’ll be forgiven if you consider Centro Comercial Colombo an attraction more than a shopping centre. This mall is so huge that you can easily spend a whole day here (especially when it’s rainy outside)

With over 400 shops, Centro Comercial Colombo is the largest indoor shopping centre in Lisbon and Europe.


The locals claim that the building is simply cleverly designed, because it is built on the points of a compass that refer to the eastern tower and the western tower as well as the northern and southern doors.

Colombo - kompas

We usually think that this mall is so big that it’s easy for us to get lost. There are just so many different ‘streets’, with shops that resemble each other, that it is sometimes difficult to find your way around. You know, that feeling you can get in an Ikea store.

In the middle of Centro Comercial Colombo there’s a large central circle with a reference to the street names in the shopping centre. This way you can regain your orientation so you know where you’re going.

Colombo - straten

This shopping centre is named after the famous explorer who sailed the seas for Portugal: Columbus. All the streets, as well as the interior decoration, have a maritime theme. Don’t forget to check out the floors, they shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Shopping, shopping, shopping

With more than 400 shops, you can’t help but shop here. It would be an accomplishment if you’d leave this place empty-handed.

Colombo - grote hal
In addition to the popular shops such as FNAC (music, books and electronics), Zara, H&M, Sephora, MAC Cosmetics, Disney Store and Rolex, there are a bunch of shops of leading Portuguese brands such as A Loja Do Gato Preto, A Padaria Portuguesa, Bertrand and Zippy.
There is also a Benfica Official Store in this mall. That shouldn’t com as a surprise, the biggest football club from LIsbon are the neighbours of Centro Comercial Colombo.
And just like any other large shopping mall, you’ll find a huge supermarket here, the Continente.

It doesn’t matter when you visit the mall, it’s always busy.

Colombo - kunst

Shopping centre or amusement park

You might as well call Centro Colombo an amusement park. In addition to the 400 shops, there is a cinema with nine theatres and an IMAX hall, a fitness club, a go-kart track and a bowling alley and more than 60 restaurants at the food court on the top floor.

Where to find Centro Comercial Colombo

Address: Avenida Lusíada, Benfica
Opening hours: every day from 9 a.m. untill midnight

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