Bolo do Rei – traditional Christmas cake from Lisbon

If you spend Christmas holidays in Lisbon you will notice that in the average Portuguese family the Christmas party is not complete without a Bolo do Rei (King’s Cake) on the table. DThe Bolo do Rei, a traditional Portuguese cake, has its origin in French, from the galette des rois….

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Campo Pequeno – Lisbon’s bullring

Campo pequeno - voorgevel

In the middle of the city lies the bullring Campo Pequeno. Yes, they still have bullfights in Portugal. But this place is much more than just a bullfighting arena. For instance they also have big concerts here. Moorish facade The facade is quite striking with the 19th century neo-Moorish facade….

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Centro Comercial Amoreiras – futuristic shopping centre

Centro Comercial Amoreiras - etage

Lisbon’s first indoor shopping centre, Centro Comercial Amoreiras, was opened in 1985. To us, the futuristic looking building with three equal towers is also one of the ugliest set of buildings in Lisbon. DThe architect based the design on the Brazilian concept of shopping centres: many small entrances, making it…

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Vidal Fabricas – fabric shop in Estrela

Vidal fabricas portugese stoffen

Granted, the fabric store Vidal Fabricas is not the first thing you’ll think of visiting during your city break to Lisbon. But if you’re a fan of beautiful fabrics and can handle a sewing machine well, then a visit to this fabric shop is more than worthwhile. So many fabrics,…

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Lisbonlovers – sharing the love for Lisbon

The people behind Lisbonlovers have an unconditional love for the city – they are passionate about Lisbon and that is reflected in their shop. They want to share their passion with tourists, with friends, basically with the whole world. More than merchandising Lisbonlovers has two shops in the city centre…

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Solar Antiques – philosophy & azulejos

Solar ingang

Solar Antiques describes itself as the oldest and largest antique shop in Portugal and the world’s largest distributor of antique azulejos (Portuguese tiles). When you enter the shop you immediately understand why they are the best azulejos distributors. The shop is one big exhibition of the most beautiful, oldest, and…

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Lisbon Duck Store – what a nice quack

You’ll probably visit Lisbon for the beautiful old buildings, the atmosphere of the city, the friendly people and the delicious food, beautiful wines and other tasty national liqueurs. But then suddenly you walk into a very cheerful shop: Lisbon Duck Store. The Duck Store concept is not entirely unknown to…

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Caza das Vellas Loreto – oldest shop in Lisbon

Caza das Vellas - klok

The candle shop Caza das Vellas Loreto is one of the oldest shops in Lisbon. Small shop, huge warehouse Caza das Vellas Loreto opened in 1789 and little has changed since then. This candle shop has been in the hands of the same family for seven generations. When you step…

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A Vida Portuguesa – traditional Portuguese products

It’s not just Lisbon as a city that is experiencing some sort of second life. A lot of traditional Portuguese products are being marketed as ‘new’. A Vida Portuguesa is just the place for that: they sell products from the past as if they were invented just yesterday. If you…

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Confeitaria Cistér – clattering coffee cups

The sound of coffee cups and saucers clattering together as a result of cleaning up the dishes reminds me a lot of those real old-fashioned pastelaria. I have visited many pastelarias in my life and I get very sentimental when I hear that specific sound. Upon entering the pastelaria Confeitaria…

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Embaixada – alternatief shoppen

If you come to Lisbon to do some shopping, then Embaixada is definitely a place that you shouldn’t miss. At this moment this beautiful building is used as a concept store with many (pop-up) shops. According to locals this is one of the better places in Lisbon to discover new…

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Cerâmicas na Linha – authentic ceramics

Sometimes you discover a store that is just dangerous to walk into. Ceramics shop Cerâmicas na Linha is such a place. The trick is this: before you step into the door, you have to agree on a maximum budget with yourself. Because before you know it you can’t choose from…

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