Jardim Botto Machado – A day in the park with locals

It’s hard to imagine: just a few years ago we wouldn’t recommended you go to the Jardim Botto Machado park in Alfama. There were dodgy types everywhere, and the park was dirty and not that well maintained.

Park Jardim Botto Machado in Alfama, Lissabon

Nowadays the park is a favorite place for locals to go and meet the neighbours, especially in the weekends the place is bustling with parents and children.

View of the Tagus

The park has some nice views of the Tagus river and is centrally located in the Alfama. district. You will pass along here at least once during your wanderings through the narrow streets, so my advice is to relax here before you discover the rest of Alfama.

There are plenty of picnic tables, so bring your own lunch to eat, while enjoying the beautiful view. Have you forgotten your lunch, there is also a bar with small refreshments.

Playground for children

Of course the kids haven’t been forgotten. There is, just like in almost every other park in Lisbon, a nice playground for the little ones.

The park can be recognized by the tile wall with paintings.

Jardim Botto Machado is close to the Feira da Ladra, Igreja de São Vicente de Fora and the Panteão Nacional. If you decide not to bring your own lunch and fancy something more than just sandwiches, drop by RC Restaurante voor een (budget) lunch.

Where to find Jardim Botto Machado

Campo Santa Clara – behind Feira da Ladra

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