Santa Catarina – Laidback with Locals

Santa Catarina is a traditional neighbourhood with narrow streets, where the laundry is still suspended from the windows or hanging in front of the door of the pastel-coloured houses.

Santa Caterina was buiten in de straat

It is a quiet area with some more expensive houses than the surrounding areas located in the historic heart of the city.

Santa Caterina streetart

Central location

Santa Catarina is located between Bairro Alto and Chiado and no more than 15 minutes walk from the Tagus river by Cais do Sodré. Elétrico 28 crosses the neighbourhood.

The district is a nice place to escape from the busy Baixa and Chiado.


Miradouro de Santa Catarina

Miradouro Santa Catharina - Adamastor
Near Praça Luís Camões there is the viewpoint Miradouro de Santa Catarina. If you walk to the viewpoint, you will notice that the district is full of pastel coloured houses.

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Eating and drinking

Restaurante Pharmacia

Restaurante Pharmacia inganghek
Restaurante Pharmacia is located in a former pharmacy. The philosophy of the place is that we need to share the food as much as possible. All the attributes in the restaurant remind you of an old pharmacy. What’s in the name?

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LOCALS Hostel & Suites: The hostel offers accommodation in dormitories and in private rooms for 2 persons. All rooms offer access to shared bathroom facilities. There are also double rooms with shared bathroom and balcony. There is a communal kitchen where you can prepare your own meals. The hostel is located near the districts of Bairro Alto and Chiado. A bed in a dormitory costs 11 GBP.

Principe Flatiron Boutique: at 15 minutes walk from the Chiado is this bed & breakfast. They are spacious rooms with private bathrooms. There is breakfast available. An overnight stay in a suite for two persons costs 105 GBP.

Verride Palácio Santa Catarina: This five star hotel is really wonderful to stay at. The room has a characteristic interior. There is a roof terrace with outdoor pool. It is located on Miradouro Santa Catarina and overlooks the city. Most attractions are just a 20-minute walk away. An overnight stay costs 463 GBP.

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