Chiado – Trendy & classic

Stores dictate the image of this trendy neighbourhood. Chiado is located between Baixa and Bairro Alto and because it lies between two districts, it goes up hill.

Praca de camoes vanaf bica

This district is wonderful to wander through, it offers a combination of modern and traditional shops. Most shops, cafes and restaurants are in the area of Rua do Carmo and Rua Garrett. In addition to the shops, the district also has many cultural aspects such as theaters and museums.

Fire in the Chiado

In 1988 Chiado was hit by a big fire in Rua do Carmo, which quickly spread to Rua Garrett. In total, 18 buildings were destroyed and more than 1600 firefighters were working hard to control the fire. This fire is regarded as the biggest disaster in Lisbon after the earthquake of 1755.

Armazensdochiado chiado

The rebuilding was completed in 1999. It included a shopping center, Armazéns do Chiado and the Baixa-Chiado metro station. From the outside the buildings have been restored to their old glory.

Places of interest

Convento da Ordem do Carmo

Convento do Carmo in Lissabon
The monastery Convento da Ordem do Carmo, better known as Convento do Carmo was founded in 1389. The church was badly damaged during the 1755 earthquake. The ruins of the Gothic church are today the largest surviving evidence of the earthquake. It is a striking building that can be seen in many places. The building is now an archaeological museum and the headquarters of the Guarda Republicana.

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Igreja do Loreto

Igreja Loreto binnenin
Igreja do Loreto is situated at the end of Rua Garrett. This church is dedicated to the worship of Senhora do Loreto, who was introduced in the 14th century by the Italians who came to Portugal.

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Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Encarnação

The church Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Encarnação was built in rocaille style in the 18th century, as can be seen in the lateral chapels. The church has a collection of images from the 18th century; particularly that of Nossa Senhora da Encarnação, made by sculptor Machado de Castro. The windows of the main chapel and the baptistery, made in the 1940s, were done by Joaquim Rebocho from the Algarve.

Ascensor da Bica

To get to the Chiado, Estrela or Bairro Alto in a quick way you can take the Elevador da Bica. This tram will bring you back to the upper city.

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Igreja de São Roque

Igreja de São Roque Capela de São João Baptista
The facade of Igreja de São Roque looks boring, but does not tempt you to walk past it. Because the interior is spectacular.

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Elétrico 24

tram24 halte jardim amoreiras
Since September 2018, elétrico 24 has been driving after 23 years of absence through the streets of Lisbon. The tram has a starting point near the Bairro Alto.

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Squares & Streets

Rua do Carmo

Rua do Carmo, Lisbon
Rua do Carmo: the uphill shopping street that runs from Rossio (Baixa) to Rua Garrett (Chiado). In addition to shops, this street also offers cafes and restaurants and an ice cream shop: Santini Chiado.

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Rua Garrett

Rua garette
Rua Garrett connects the Largo do Chiado with Rua do Carmo. It is one of the most famous streets of Lisbon with a mix of traditional chic and modern shops. This street is also known for the Café A Brasileira.

Largo do Chiado

Tram bij Praça Luís de Camões, Lissabon
Largo do Chiado small square in front of Café A Brasileira with calçada (pavement of mosaic tiles) that create a pattern on the floor. In the center of the square is a statue of a sitting António Ribeiro, a monk who lived in the Chiado.

Praça Luís de Camões

Praca Camoes vanuit Chiado
In the heart of the Chiado, this oval square, Praça Luís de Camões, is built on the spot where before the earthquake of 1755 a palace was completely destroyed. In the middle of the square, the statue of Luís de Camões was erected, a Portuguese writer from the 16th century. The square has calçada in beautiful patterns. In addition, the square is decorated with stone benches and ornate iron fences and gives access to the popular districts of Lisbon.

The square is connected to Baixa-Chiado, Bairro Alto and it’s a comfortable 10-minute walk through Rua do Alecrim to Cais Sodré. It is also just a few away from the Ascensor da Bica. You can board Elétrico 28 here, if you like.

Food and drinks

Café A Brasileira

Café A Brasileira in Lissabon
In the old days writers such as Fernando Pessoa and Eça de Queiroz came at Café A Brasileira for a bica. Nowadays crowds of tourists are falling over each other for a coffee or a Pastéis de nata. Want to take a picture with the writer Pessoa? Join the queue.

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IJssalon Gelados Santini toonbank, Lissabon
The best ice cream in the world, according to these ice cream makers. We tend to agree. Definitely worth trying for yourself.

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Casa Da Índia (encarnação)

Casa de india binnein
One of my favorite restaurants. Casa Da Índia (encarnação), is small, chaotic and always busy. You eat with the locals because you share a large table with them. The fish is fresh and they serve typical Portuguese cuisine, even though the name suggests otherwise. The service is very friendly and they work very hard to serve the overcrowded restaurant as well as possible. It is a low budget restaurant but with high quality food.

Addresse: Rua do Loreto, Chiado

Gelato Davvero

Davvero Ijs with map
Imagine being in Rome and have an ice cream at Gelato Davvero . If you ask locals, they’ll tell you this is one of the best ice cream shops in Lisbon, with the best Italian ice cream.

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Duque Brewpub

Duque Brewpub Lissabon
Portugal is of course best known for its excellent wines and all kinds of (often home-distilled) spirits. But since a few years the craft beer movement is slowly developing. A clear exponent of this is Duque Brewpub.

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Topo Chiado

Topo Chiado vanaf Justa
Drink, view, relaxed atmosphere, a visit to Topo Chiado we could not let go of. Have a drink among the historic buildings.

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Amorino Chiao
The ice cream shop: Amorino in Lisbon where you (when you take a cone) get the bulbs in the shape of rose petals. The artwork is beautiful to see, but the ice cream is far too good not to eat and only to look at the artwork.

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Manteigaria Fábrica de Pastéis de Nata

Manteigaria nata
Manteigaria Fábrica de Pastéis de Nata is a charming little bakery where you can buy nothing but pastéis de nata (and of course a bica).

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Pastelaria Orion

Orion - ingang

Pastelaria Orion is just around the corner from Ascensor da Bica on the busy road from the Chiado district towards Estrella. When you walk by and look inside you’ll usually only find locals there, enjoying all the culinary goodness Pastelaria Orion offers.

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Bairro do Avillez

Bairro do Avillez - ingang
Bairro do Avillez is one of the newest hotspots located in Chiado and the most recent restaurants of famous chef José Avillez in Lisbon. Bairro Avillez has several dining options, of which Taberna is our favourite.

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Lisboa Carmo Hotel: The hotel is located in the heart of the city. The upper floors of the hotel offer views of the Tagus River and Lisbon’s Old Town. It is a 3-minute walk to the popular Bairro Alto district. One night is 175 GBP.

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