Central Tejo – A dive into Lisbon’s energy

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ooking for a captivating escape during your city trip to Lisbon? Central Tejo, formerly the Electricity Museum, located in the Belém, district, offers an intriguing journey through the history of electricity. Central Tejo, operational from 1909 to 1972, served as a thermal power station providing electricity to the city and the Lisbon region. The museum opened in 1990 and now provides a fascinating insight into the evolution of energy.

From coal to power: exploring Central Tejo

Begin your exploration in the impressive Praça do Carvão, where ships used to unload coal for the boilers. The reception hall, Sala de Exposições, narrates the story of the low-pressure boilers and serves as a space for temporary exhibitions and events.

A highlight of the museum visit was exploring various spaces, including Sala da Água and Sala das Máquinas on the upper floor. The colorful tubes running through the machines, each carrying a different fluid, create a visual spectacle. Sala dos Condensadores features a permanent exhibition as a tribute to the workers of the Tejo power station. .

Sala das Caldeiras, with its imposing high-pressure boilers, recounts the story of the construction of Central Tejo. Entering a boiler was a highlight for me, with the mysterious sound and light effects creating an exciting atmosphere.

On the ground floor, attention is given to the challenging working conditions of laborers, with Sala dos Cinzeiros recalling the collection of ash from burned coal. A special space for our little ones was Sala do Experimentel, where educational experiments and activities took place.

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Where to Find Central Tejo?

Address: Avenida Brasília, Belém Opening Hours: Wednesday to Monday 09:00 – 19:00 | Closed on Tuesday Central Tejo offers an educational experience for travelers of all ages. Add this unique attraction to your Lisbon adventure and explore the wonders of electricity in a historical setting.

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