Museums in Lisbon

Lisbon has a large number of museums that are certainly worth a visit during your city trip. Weve found a few interesting ones for you.

Páteo Alfacinha – Lisbon’s best kept secret

Páteo Alfacinha overzicht plein

One of the best things about having a travel blog about Lisbon is to discover special places and then actually not being able to wait to write about them. But at the same time, as you discover that place, you wonder if you wouldn’t rather keep it all to yourself….

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Reservatório da Patriarcal – Lisbon’s water supply

Reservatoria da patriarcal ingang

Hidden under the pond in the park Jardim do Príncipe Real you will find Reservatório da Patriarcal, (Patriarcal Reservoir). From 1864 until the mid-twentieth century, this reservoir was an important part of the water supply for large parts of Lisbon’s city centre. The reservoir, also known as Praça de D….

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Hospital de Bonecas – the Lisbon dolls hospital

So your doll is sick, what do you do? In Lisbon, people have been going to the doll doctor at the dolls hospital for generations: Hospital de Bonecas, right in the centre of town. The dolls hospital has existed since 1830 and has cured all kinds of dolls over the…

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Arco do Triunfo da Rua Augusta

Arco do Triunfo da Rua Augusta is the gateway to the Baixa district, with Rua Augusta as its main street. DThe arch was built after the 1755 earthquake that destroyed a large part of Lisbon, in particular the Baixa. The arch rests on six Corinthian columns. Various statues can be…

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Convento do Carmo – photogenic ruins in Lisbon

In the middle of the city of Lisbon, between Chiado and Bairro Alto, you can find Convento do Carmo, the Carmo monastery. This impressive ruin mainly shows the traces of the great earthquake of 1755. But there is a lot more more than just that. At first you might think…

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MAAT – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology

The museum MAAT, which stands for Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology, was opened in the autumn of 2016, making it one of the newest museums in Lisbon. Youngest member on the banks of the Tagus For a number of years people have been working hard to make the banks…

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Palácio Nacional da Pena – fairytale palace

On top of Monte da Pena mountain you find Sintra’s dream castle. The pinnacle of romance and royal atmosphere. Palácio Nacional da Pena consists of many turrets and colours, it has all the looks of a fairytale palace. A visit to Sintra is equivalent to a visit to Palácio Nacional…

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Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga

Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga, or the National Museum of Ancient Art, is probably one of the most important museum in Portugal. Because of the collection, it is also an important museum in Europe. The museum is housed in a former palace and an old monastery. The museum collection, which…

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Mosteiro dos Jerónimos – Impressive monastery

Mosteiro dos Jerónimos was most likely built as thanks for explorer Vasco da Gama’s successful travels to India. The discovery of this sea route ensured that in the 16th century King Manuel I became the richest monarch in Europe. Building style Mosteiro dos Jerónimos is built out of limestone and…

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