Lisbon – city on seven hills

The most beautiful city on the Tagus, the city of picturesque, narrow streets stretched out over seven hills. Lisbon has something for everyone, from fantastic sights to a lively nightlife and beautiful beaches in the area.

Discover for yourself why Lisbon is such a nice destination!

Blik op Lissabon

The city of Lisbon has a lot to offer, but it’s mainly a city to be in and wander around. It is authentic and cannot be compared to another European city. The charm is in the many details that can be seen in the city: the azulejos, fado, pavement of mosaic tiles, cafes, old trams and so on.

Rich past

Lisbon has an ancient past as it has been the dominion of the Moors in the 12th century, the influences of which are still visible in the city, mainly in
Alfama. And in the 14th century, the seafarers who went on a voyage of discovery left from Belém.

City trip to Lisbon

Lisbon is an affordable city for every budget. You can make it as expensive as you want. If you plan a trip to Lisbon then every moment of the year is suitable, the best time to be in Lisbon is April – June and September – October. The summer can be very hot in the city.

Because of the many sights, Lisbon is a perfect destination for a multi-day trip or even a week’s holiday if you want to discover the area.



Lisbon is divided into different neighborhoods with their different charm and appearance. You can discover the different districts on foot. Neighborhoods such as Belém and Parque das Nações are slightly further away from the center, but well worth a visit, with public transport or a taxi.

Spending the night

There are many ways of staying in Lisbon, from the large international hotel chains of small hotels, B&B, Airbnb… There are also hostels for every budget.

Food and drink

Lisbon has the nickname “capital of the sardines”, these fish are almost everywhere on the menu. But only order them in summer, when they come fresh from the sea. The menus are full of different types of fish, if you are not a fish lover then there is also a choice of different meats. Something that does not come in abundance in the restaurants are the vegetables, but you can always order salads at your dish.


Shopaholics can eat there heart out here. Lisbon is a good city to shop. In the Baixa, most major chain stores can be found, especially in the Rua da Augusta. The more exclusive brands can be found in the Bairro Alto and Avenida Liberdade. Trendy shops can be found in the Chiado district. In addition to the larger retail chain, there are also shops with typical Portuguese stores such as products with cork, etc.


Fado is the Portuguese song of life and has a special place in the lives of many Portuguese people. Fado gives voice to the minds of life, sadness, joy, melancholy, melancholy and saudade, but also to the party mood.

Fado originated in the poor districts of Lisbon such as Bairro Alto and Alfama. To this day Fado is still being sung in these neighborhoods. There are many fado clubs here, but many have gone commercial over the years, you mainly meet tourists here and you pay too much money for a meal and / or a drink.

Nevertheless, we advise you to listen to some Fado if you are in Lisbon. Because Fado doesn’t sound like music to your ears, I advise you not to take a dinner show, but to join a cafe to listen to a few notes. I prefer to listen Fado at A Tasco do Chico.