Lisbon with children – our favorite playgrounds

Like most big cities, Lisbon keeps a keen eye on the the little ones. There are more than 150 playgrounds in the city, suitable for kids between 3 and 9 years.

Speeltuin in Jardim da Estrela

The playgrounds are maintained by the municipality and are often in near perfectly condition. You rarely encounter defective playground equipment.

What is so great about most playgrounds in Lisbon is that there is usually a big and enclosed fence around it. So If your offspring wants to run away, they must first open the gate. If you want to know if there is a playground in your neighborhood, check out
this website (unfortunately there is no map there, but Google Maps works wonders).

These are our favorite playgrounds in the city

Rua de Santo Estêvão – Alfama

Rua de Santo Estêvão
This playground is located in the middle of Alfama It is not very big but it has various equipment for smaller and large children. The playground is sheltered, making it great to play without being exposed completely to the sun.

Jardim da Praça Dom Luís – Cais do Sodré

Jardim Dom Luis - nieuwe speeltuin
You will find this playground at Jardim da Praça Dom Luís directly in front of Time-out Mercado da Ribeira. In addition to the various playground equipment for both large and small children.

So after (or before) your visit to the Mercado da Ribeira, you can let your kids play here. If you only want a cup of coffee, there’s a quiosque (coffee bar) in the park. Also, near this playground you’ll find the stop for the Ascensor da Bica (the tram) to take you from Cais do Sodré to the neighbourhoods Bairro Alto and Chiado.

Jardim da Estrela – Estrela

Speeltuin in Jardim da Estrela, Lissabon
On the east side of the Jardim da Estrela park there is a spacious and well-kept playground. The ground cover is gravel. That may sound strange at first but it works very well. It keeps the dogs outside the gate and above all, gravel provides a relatively soft landing if a child does fall out of a device.

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Parque Infantil do Alvito – Monsanto

Parque Infantil do Alvito - kind op voorgrond
Parque Infantil do Alvito is a playground where you can easily spend a day entertaining, in the middle of the forests of Lisbon you will find this super large playground for children between 1-12 years. The many benches and picnic tables (it is allowed to bring your own food) makes this a great place to spend a day (part). There is also more to see and do in Monsanto. Learn more about the playground.

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Campo das Cebolas – Alfama

Campo dos Cabolas - speeltuin
Campo das Cebolas is not the most spectacular playground you can imagine for your kids, but the view is very cool. You look out over Alfama, especially the towers of the cathedral Sé de Lisboa is easy to see from this playground.

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Parque Infantil do Príncipe Real – Príncipe Real

Jardim Principe Real - speeltuin
The Parque Infantil do Príncipe Real playground is close to all the tourist attractions, but is located in the quiet area Príncipe Real. Both the park and the playground are great to spend a few hours.

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Playgrounds outside Lisbon

If you stay outside Lisbon with children, then the playgrounds below are very nice to go to.

Parque Infantil do Bico – Sintra

Parque da Liberdade Sintra - speeltuin do Bico
Parque da Liberdade is located in Sintra and is actually not a playground but that’s how it feels, even for adults. There are no playground equipment but many small paths where you can climb and clamber and meanwhile also enjoy nature. Towards the historic center of Sintra is the park a ‘real’ playground Parque Infantil do Bico.

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Parque Marechal Carmona – Cascais

Parque Marechal Carmona - kinderspeeltuin
The entire park Parque Marechal Carmona in Cascais is equipped for children between 1 and 12 years. The highlight are the two playgrounds near the large meadow with sun loungers for sunbathing.
A playground for the little ones up to 4 years and a more challenging playground for older children up to 12 years. There is so much more to see in this park.

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Praia das Maçãs

Praia das macas - speeltuin
At the seaside resort Praia das Maçãs is almost on the beach a playground. It is not large, but in combination with the beach it is good to stay here.

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