Parque Infantil do Alvito playground in Monsanto

This is certainly one of the coolest playgrounds we have encountered in Lisbon: Parque Infantil do Alvito. Large, clean and something to do for all ages.

Parque Infantil do Alvito - kind op voorgrond

The playground is located outside the tourist center and is not easy to get to if you don’t have a car. But because the playground is so cool and the forest – Monsanto – where the playground is located is wonderfully cool, this playground can not be missed on our website.

Hours of fun

This place is actually three playgrounds at different levels, connected by stairs and a ramp (handy if you come here with a pram).

The playgrounds are classified by age and the playground equipment is adjusted accordingly. Upon entry you will first find the play area for children aged 1-12.

The playground equipment here is somewhat lower and the swings have baskets so your young child can sit.

The playgrounds are connected to each other in a smart way. The middle playground is for children aged 3 – 12 and you get there using the stairs. If you decide to go back to the first playground, you can do so via three slides.

Parque Infantil do Alvito glijbanen

The upper level playground is for children aged 4 – 12 years. Besides a very cool pirate ship, there are also three tents in which you can play.
Parque Infantil do Alvito piratenboot

Soft landing

Instead of concrete tiles, the choice was made for rubber tiles, making it all very child-friendly. In summer the slides will be less fast as a result of the sun, but on a rainy day the slides become super fast and the rubber tiles are a nice surface to land on.

Parque Infantil do Alvito midlevel


The parents don’t have to get bored either: there are many picnic tables where you can eat your sandwiches. But also to read your book when the children are playing.

There is a large fence around the grounds, your child can not escape through the trees.
At the entrance there is a small box that houses supervisors, so when a kid walks out of the playground, they’ll be monitored.

There are toilets on the premises, these are clean but simple. There is a possibility at the ladies toilet to do a diaper change.

In the playground there’s a small bar where you can buy some snacks and have a drink. There are 6 seats inside but with good weather you’ll sit outside on one of the many picnic tables anyway. The bar can be found under the veranda, near the ponds.

Parque Infantil do Alvito bar

So much more to see

In addition to the three playgrounds, there are more facilities – for adults. There is a football and basketball court and there are two ponds (where stone benches are made to sit or lie).

Parque Infantil do Alvito vijvers en bar

Playground only for yourself

We were in this playground during a cloudy day in March. And somehow we had the whole playground to ourselves. Usually, if the sky is not completely blue, most Portuguese families choose to go to a shopping mall. We were laughed at by our Portuguese friends that we went here on a cloudy day.

How to get to Parque Infantil do Alvito

The playground is difficult to reach by public transport but a taxi will set you back about 7 euros.

You can also walk from the center via Corredor Verde de Monsanto. From Parque Eduardo VII there is a natural green strip of 2.5 kilometers to Monsanto. It is a beautiful route with various sights and viewpoints and only accessible for cyclists and pedestrians.

If you come by car, there is a large parking area in front of the playground entrance.
It is about a 10-minute drive from the city center.

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