Journey to the prehistoric era: explore Lourinhã Dino Park! – A true family adventure!

We love exploring new places with the kids, so we decided to pay a visit to the Lourinhã Dino Park. Our youngest had just finished a dinosaur-themed unit at school, which aligned perfectly with our trip to this dino park. After no more than an hour’s drive, we stepped through the park gates, ready to discover even more dinosaurs. The adventure begins right at the entrance, where a small museum welcomes you with intriguing exhibits about prehistory. From there, you walk into the woods. From the moment we (2 adults and 2 children aged 8 and 5) entered the park, the children, in particular, were overwhelmed by the grandeur of the life-sized dinosaurs looming before us. Our preschooler admired the impressive replicas of the T-Rex and Brachiosaurus with wide eyes, appearing so lifelike that it felt like they could come to life at any moment. Get lost in the world of dinosaurs at Lourinhã Dino Park!

Not only did the lifelike dinosaurs captivate the children, but the park also offered a treasure trove of educational information about these prehistoric creatures, available in both Portuguese and English. Interactive displays and engaging exhibits took the children on a journey through the evolution of dinosaurs. In the park, you can follow various routes depicting different periods from the dinosaur era. Each route offers unique insights into the world of dinosaurs, with different species fitting the specific era. As you walk from one era to another, children can enjoy the playgrounds along the trails, where they can have fun on small play equipment. Additionally, the park offers a range of enjoyable activities, such as excavating shark teeth in a sandbox and various paid activities, ensuring an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

“For an easy journey to Lourinhã Dino Park, we recommend renting a car.”

Dino Adventures Galore!

You can take part in various activities offered at the park. From excavating fossils to ‘hatching’ dino eggs, there was always something new and exciting to experience. I felt like a true explorer, ready to unravel new mysteries from the past.

“We spent almost 3 hours in the Park – which included a visit to the large playground at the end. If you’re looking for an adventurous experience during your city trip to Lisbon, then we highly recommend Lourinhã Dino Park. It’s a journey back in time that you won’t soon forget!”
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