Hippo Tour: Discover Lisbon off and on the water

Lisbon is a city full of history, beautiful architecture and vibrant culture. One of the most adventurous ways to explore Lisbon is with the Hippo Tour.

Together with our 8- and 5-year-olds, we could not resist the temptation to board this unique sightseeing experience. Combining a bus and boat tour, the Hippo Tour promises an unforgettable trip full of fun and adventure through the streets of Lisbon and the waters of the Tagus River.

Gather under the bridge

The Hippo Tour started at the port of Lisbon, not a problem if you arrive a little early. The view of the Tagus is fantastic and standing under the bridge, watching the river float by is truly amazing. We were very curious to see what the vehicle looked like. When a bright yellow amphibian vehicle parked in front of our nose, we became very curious about what was to come. Boarding is very structured, your name is called to board at the spots selected for you. Stepping aboard, you were greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable guide, who quickly put us at ease and prepared us for an adventure we won’t soon forget.

hippo tour

And tour!

The bus ride through the streets of Lisbon is a great way to discover the city. As we drove through the streets, the guide told fascinating stories about the city’s history, culture and landmarks. From the majestic Praça do Comércio to the picturesque Alfama district, every corner of Lisbon had something special to offer. The guide provided us with interesting facts, anecdotes and lots of jokes, making the tour both educational and entertaining.

Transformation to a boat

After exploring the city, it was time for the most thrilling part of the Hippo Tour – the moment when the bus drives into the water and turns into a boat! As we ascended the Tagus, a whole new perspective of Lisbon opened up. Seeing the city from the water is really cool, the panoramic view, the colorful buildings along the quay for that reason alone is worth getting in!

Paula, is the best!

One of the highlights of the Hippo Tour was undoubtedly the guide: Paula! She was not only knowledgeable and passionate, but also very interactive with all the passengers on board and above all very funny. Her enthusiasm was contagious and added an extra dimension to the tour.

Recommended for (almost) everyone

The Hippo Tour in Lisbon is a cool way to explore the city. The merging of bus and boat tours makes for a unique and engaging experience. From the historic monuments to the mesmerizing skyline, the tour offers a comprehensive overview of all that Lisbon has to offer. The combination of an expert guide, breathtaking views and a touch of adventure made this tour a highlight of our trip. If you ever visit Lisbon, buy a ticket to board the Hippo Tour. It’s really fun to get in with kids. Under 2 years of age, children cannot board. Our 5-year-old toddler, really enjoyed the experience, only at 1.17 meters, she was just too small to get a really good look. When the vehicle is on the water, children may sit loose and on someone’s lap.

Reservations are recommended! We missed out on seats twice but got a spot on board after 2 days.

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