Lisbon with kids

I’ve been coming to Portugal for over 36 years now – the love I have for the country and this city has been instilled by my parents. As long as I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed coming to Lisbon. Lisbon is a fantastic city to visit with children.

What to do with kids in Lisbon

Nowadays I visit Lisbon with my own family. We have a three-year-old daughter and we enjoy ourselves to the max here. Lisbon is an ideal city to visit with your kids (of all ages).

Child friendly welcome

As soon as you land at the airport, you’ll notice how child-friendly the city of Lisbon is. There are various facilities for children, such as kids toilets (both in the men’s and women’s toilets), strollers for children up to 15 kilograms (you’ll find these strollers after you pass customs) and more than 10 places to change your baby’s diapers. At Gate 41 and 44 there are even separate rooms where you can breastfeed.

Below are tips on whether or not to bring a stroller, eating out with your children and which places of interest are definitely worth going to with your kids.

Stroller or baby carrier?

Lisbon is built on seven hills. That means a lot of climbing. If you go out for a walk with the whole family, it is best to think in advance on how to cover all those kilometers. Check out these tips for when you’re going out with a stroller in Lisbon.

Eating out with your kids

Children are more than welcome in practically all restaurants in Lisbon, even though not all restaurants are set to accommodate kids. You’ll find that sometimes there’s no changing mat in the toilet area (and if they are there, they are often only in the women’s toilet). And don’t be surprised if there’s no specific kids menu available.

Going out to eat with kids in Lisbon

Yet it is very nice to go to restaurants with your child in Lisbon. Read more about what to expect and where to pay attention to in this article.

Parks in Lisbon

In Lisbon you’ll find are many parks, most of which also have a playground. And almost every park has a bar or another place where you can get a cup of coffee and buy a small snack. Read more about our favorite parks in Lisbon.


Lisbon has more than 150 playgrounds. You’ll find one on almost every corner of the street. Chances are that whatever accommodation you’re staying at will have a playground of some sorts around the corner. Looking for a playground? Check our top list here

Playground in Jardim da Estrela

Staying with children in Lisbon

Just like in any other big city, you have a wide choice of hotels and apartments in Lisbon. Especially if you are traveling with children, it’s good to do some homework. Every budget has its own options, check our tips for spending the night with children in Lisbon.

Sightseeing for all ages

This city has something to offer for every age. Read our tips on places of interest that you can visit with your children.

Palácio National de Queluz with kids

Don’t forget that Lisbon is a wonderful place to wander around and discover places. So even if you’re just walking around with your family, there is so much to discover. Lisbon is a very child-friendly city. You’ll get a very warm welcome, not just in restaurants but also at sights that are not necessarily meant for children. So feel free to take your children everywhere, no one will have a problem with that!

Kids passport

For both young and old there’s the Lisboa Passport. The idea is to collect stamps at all kinds of sights and shops scattered around the city. It’s a great thing to do with kids to do and ask for a stamp at shops.

Lisboa Passport

You pay around 10 euros (£8,50) for the booklet itself, the stamps are free. Check where you can get the passport. In the passport you’ll also find a map with the location of all the places where you can get your passport stamped.

In addition to the adult version, you also have a children’s version of the Lisboa Passport, fun for your child to keep up with and also handy to entertain your child. The stamps can be colored in, so loads of fun ahead!