Pastelaria Gregório – the best pastelaria in Sintra

One of the oldest and most traditional pastelarias in Sintra, Pastelaria Gregório is exactly how a traditional Portuguese tea house should look like.

Pastelaria Gregorio terras
It is a small café with a lot of history. It still belongs to the same family as in the time when Pastelaria Gregório was founded.

The best Queijadas

Move over Piriquita! We used to think that the bakery Piriquita, which is especially known by tourists, was the best bakery of Sintra. But since we got a tip from our Portuguese friend Isabel that not Piriquita but Gregório has the very best queijadas, we can’t stay away.

Piriquita is certainly not a bad bakery, but if you get the chance to visit Pastelaria Gregório, do it! The queijadas are great, or rather, they’re delicious!

Pastelaria Gregorio koekjes

The queijadas are made beneath the pastelaria, in the factory called Fábrica de Queijadas – Recordação de Sintra.

Family business

Pastelaria Gregório and Fábrica de Queijadas are owned by the same family. When the founder’s son died, he left the pastelaria to his eldest son, while the youngest son inherited the factory.

Pastelaria Gregorio - toonbank
They still work together, the queijadas are made in the factory. The queijadas you buy in the pastelaria or in the factory are the same. That goes for all the goodness they sell in the pastelaria.

The Fábrica de Queijadas is also open to the public. If you have the time, then definitely do it!

Great place – great sweets

If you come in the weekend, expect many locals in the pastelaria. But no matter how busy they are, the staff is always super friendly. Their English is not very good, but they really want to help you. They are certainly not intrusive and love to tell you all about the delicious sweets they make.

Pastelaria Gregorio binnen
The pastelaria is loved and known by the locals. Our tip: buy the Salame de Chocolate. This is the best we’ve ever had (and believe me, we’ve had a lot over the years). The last time we were there we had to wait for a while because the Salame was still being made. Imagine that: we had super fresh salame the chocolate, which was still warm! Heavenly!

Not only sweetness

It is not that the pastelaria only has sweetness, although they are known for it. They also sell toast and various sandwiches. So Gregório is also a nice place to have a quick lunch.

Where to find Pastelaria Gregório

Pastelaria Gregório is no more than a 10-minute walk from Sintra train station.
Address: Av. Dom Francisco de Almeida 35, Sintra
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. | Monday closed

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