Parque da Liberdade – adventurous city park in Sintra

When you walk around in Sintra it seems like you ended up in a fairy tale. The castles, palaces, the Pena and the historic centre. All equally beautiful to see and behold.

Parque da Liberdade Sintra Azuljos

Near the historical centre is Parque da Liberdade, which translates to Freedom Park. We highly recommended your spend some time in this city park.

Parque da Liberdade Sintra - overzicht

Climbing and wandering around

The park is built against the mountain and through the many paths between the trees you do some proper climbing here. There are also wide paths where you can walk with a stroller.

Parque da Liberdade Sintra - bankjes

The park has trees of over 60 different species. Near the trees there are signs with information about what kind of tree it is.

The best part is to go off the wide paths and traverse the small paths that take you to the most fun places. In case of rain these paths can be wet and slippery, but nothing so serious as to stop you from exploring the park. Make sure you wear good shoes though.

Sports park

About 12 years ago there was also a lot of sports going on in this park. It used to have a tennis court and a skate ring. Nowadays, there is only skating on the old hockey field where once the Sintra hockey team trained and played matches.

Parque da Liberdade - hockeyveld

It is very cool to have a look here with the stone benches, it is a bit like an old Roman theater.

Park with history

The construction of the park started in 1936. The municipality of Sintra thought it was strange that Sintra with so many castles, palaces, gardens and woods had no city park where the locals could relax.

At the beginning of the park you will find a duck house, along which you can walk up a narrow path.

Parque da Liberdade Sintra - toiletgebouw

The park also has toilet facilities, but it’s nothing special and also not very clean.

On adventure

From a picnic place to a virtual theater about the similarities between Japan and Portugal: there is so much to see and do in the park. The hidden benches between the green. The fountain and pond. It is easy to spend an afternoon here.

Parque da Liberdade Sintra - vijver

A park in a park

When you are ready to clamber and climb in Parque da Liberdade, you can rest in Mirante dos Castanheiros while enjoying a drink and snack.

Parque da Liberdade Sintra - Mirante dos Castanheiros

This small narrow park is located in Parque da Liberdade and can be reached in several ways. Only not directly through Parque da Liberdade. From the road, Volta Duche, there is a staircase. You can also reach the smaller park via the playground on the west side of Parque da Liberdade.

You then walk past Palácio Valenças, an old residence of a count, currently the library of Sintra.

Playground: Jardim de Bico

On the west side of Parque da Liberdade you will find a playground: Jardim de Bico. So when your kids are not yet done running around, they can still spend some time here.

Parque da Liberdade Sintra - speeltuin do Bico

The playground is not very big, but it has different equipment. The playground is on the side of the historical centre of Sintra, so even without a visit to Parque da Liberdade the playground is easy to reach.

Where to find Parque da Liberdade

Opening hours: 09 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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