Café Saudade – favorite teahouse in Sintra

On the spot where a baker used to bake delicious queijadas, today there is Café Saudade. Walking from the train station to the historic centre of Sintra, you’ll pass Café Saudade on your left hand side.

Cafe Saudade ingang

Café Saudade is one of our favourite teahouses. Often you see people sitting in front of the window with a delicious sandwich or a slice of cake, and the temptation to go inside right away is too big.

Cozy teahouse with many areas

But Café Saudade is more than just good food. It’s a nice cafe to start or end your day.

Cafe Saudade kijkje in de keuken

When you enter Café Saudade, it almost feels as if you’re in someone’s living room. There are several rooms and niches with tables. There is even a room with only one table and 8 chairs around it. Ideal if your company is larger and you want some more privacy.

Cafe Saudade achterkamer

Rustic design

Café Saudade is located in an old building typical of Sintra. The interior is rustic and reminds you that it is an old building. The floor is made of mosaics and the ceiling is a true work of art.

Cafe Saudade zijkamer

This ceiling was made by the same artist who also designed the town hall of Sintra. Remarkable on the ceiling is the fresco of the god Mercury with his mercurius staff with the logo of Queijadas da Mathilde: the star.

The swallows and flowers symbolise spring and a new beginning.

Cafe Saudade plafond

For the detectives among us, in the corners of the ceiling is a word. Can you find all the letters and guess the word?

Breakfast, brunch or lunch

The food at Café Saudade is pretty appetizing. The cakes are home-baked or come from a bakery nearby. The bread is fresh and some are served with Azores butter (very tasty!), this is indicated on the menu.

Cafe Saudade bestelling

If you order a scone, prepare yourself for its gigantic size. You can easily share the scone XL with your table companion.

In addition to scones and sandwiches there are several cakes in the display case, but they also have croissants, toast, salads, yoghurt and much more deliciousness.

Cafe Saudade taarten

We had an extensive breakfast at Café Saudade, including of course a pastel de nata – and it was a delight!


Café Saudade has no separate children’s menu but you will find enough items a child would also like.

Cafe Saudade spelen voor kinderen

In the room at the entrance there are toys, your child can play and you can enjoy all the treats.

Don’t forget to take your child to the room next to the restrooms. This is the area where they used to do their washing, so this area has several basins. Our toddler enjoyed spending her time here, washing endlessly!

Superb staff

The service is very friendly and efficient. We were there on a rainy day, and after the checkout we wanted to wait until the shower was over. Even though it was very busy with people who probably wanted to take shelter from the rain while enjoying a cup of coffee, we were not being looked away and could sit quietly with the whole family.

Are you full of all the good food at Café Saudade, then a walk in Parque da Liberdade a good idea.

Where to find Café Saudade

Café Saudade is less than 5 minutes walk from Sintra station.
Adress: Av. Doutor Miguel Bombarda, nº6, Sintra
Opening hours:: every day 8:30 – 8:00

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