Azenhas do Mar – village against the cliffs

The skyline of Azenhas do Mar is one of the most famous images of the Portuguese west coast. The waves hitting the rugged coast, far below the houses built on and against the cliffs.

Azenhas Do Mar, zeezicht

The town of Azenhas do Mar is a small fishing village in the freguesia Colares with about 800 inhabitants, just under the smoke from the city of Sintra. The village is especially famous for its beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean. From a parking lot on the south side of the village you have fantastic views of Azenhas do Mar and you will make the most beautiful pictures.

Small beach

Azenhas do Mar has a small beach down below at the bottom of the cliffs, which can be reached via a staircase cut from the rocks. There’s also a shortcut: when coming from the south, take the small road to the left just before the bridge. This road leads to a small parking lot near the restaurant “Azenhas do Mar”, where you will also find a small swimming pool.

Restaurant Azenhas do Mar

Down below the cliffs of the village you can find the restaurant that bears the same name as the village: “Azenhas do Mar”. Fish and seafood are the most important ingredients on the menu, but you can also go for a piece of meat. The food is without a doubt excellent but the real selling point of restaurant “Azenhas do Mar” is the views. Like the restaurant at Praia da Adraga you have an amazing view over the ocean!

Azenhas do Mar

This restaurant is not the cheapest place you can find. We paid around € 50 for lunch for two with a half liter of wine. This is quite the price for Portuguese standards, but with such a view, the super fresh ingredients and the excellent service, the price is justified. A must if you want some chic!

Natural swimming pool

Azenhas do Mar Natuurlijk zwembad
At the bottom, next to the beach, a natural swimming pool has been created. This natural bath is almost always flooded at high tide and is usually full of sand. It is not really suitable for swimming with little children, but it is very spectacular! At low tide, bathing here is just fine..

Where to find Azenhas do Mar

Azenhas do Mar is located on the coastal road that runs from Colares via
Praia das Maçãs to Praia do Magoito. From Lisbon the village can be reached the fastest by first navigating to Sintra via the IC19.

Once at Sintra you take the exit “Praias” and follow the signs to Colares. In Colares you drive towards Praia das Maçãs.

About two kilometers north of Praia das Maçãs you will find the village Azenhas do Mar.

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