The 3 best hotels in Lisbon – near Rossio

So, you’ve decided to go to Lisbon. Your plane ticket is booked, you’ve made your bucket list of what you want to see and eat. Then the next question is: which hotel should you choose? We are happy to help you get started.

Hotels in Lisbon near Rossio

Hotels in Lisbon at Rossio

Lisbon is a big city and the number of hotels is huge. We‘ve selected three hotels for you we think are perfect. There is something here for everyone: budget, normal and upscale. Oh, and they’re all close to Rossio station and pastelaria Beira Gare, so you can travel the city or just have a great breakfast or lunch right around the corner.

Perfect budget hotel: Hotel Portuense ⭐

Hotel Portuense is an ideal hotel for when you’re on a budget and still want to be close to Rossio. It’s clean and the bathroom is very decent. The rooms at the front side of the hotel have a small French balcony.

OIt’s amazing that you can find such a cheap place to spend the night so close to Rossio (less than 5 minutes of walking)! That is the absolute selling point of Hotel Portuense: it’s cheap and the location is ace!

Indicative price: starting €40 per night
Address: Rua das Portas de Santo Antão. 149-157 1150-267 Lisboa
Rating on 8,4
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Super location, great price: Hotel Gat Rossio ⭐⭐⭐

Hotel Gat in Lisbon (there’s also one in Berlin) is an excellent choice for the average hotel booker: this hotel has a colourful contemporary character, is modern in terms of amenities and has an efficient layout. You know that’s real estate for “relatively small rooms”, but you’re not in Lisbon to stay in your hotel room all day, right?

In terms of location this is perfect: less than a 2 minutes walk from Rossio and you have Fábrica da Nata around the corner!

Indicative price: starting €70 per night
Address Rua jardim do Regedor, 27-35 1150-193 Lisboa
Rating on 8,4
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Bit more to spend: Hotel Avenida Palace ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

If you value extra comfort and an incredibly stylish interior, and you are prepared to pay for it, then the Hotel Avenida Palace is for you! This really is a palace in the middle of Lisbon. Everything in this hotel screams pure class.

The location is also very good: right next to Rossio station, so when you arrive at the airport you can go directly to the hotel by metro. You’ll be wandering around Rossio square within a minute, so your Lisbon stip can start immediately!

Indicative price: starting €225 per night
Address Rua 1º Dezembro, 123 1200-359 Lisboa
Rating on 9,3
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Other hotels in Lisbon

Don’t like these three? We get that, there are so many other hotels in Lisbon. Find your favorite on