New Year’s Eve – experience the New Year in Lisbon

Are you arriving in Lisbon for new year’s eve, celebrating the new year in Lisbon? Prepare yourself for a grand party!

Vuurwerk in Lissabon

Enjoy one of the great advantages of celebrating New Year’s Eve in Lisbon: individuals are not allowed to have fireworks.

Fireworks shows

In Lisbon (just like the rest of Portugal) the municipality organizes fireworks shows at various locations, such as Praça do Comércio, Belém Torre de Belém (is very well lit) and Almada (south side of the Tagus, accessible by ferry). The fireworks shows are often big and beautiful to see.

Pots and pans

The locals go into the street with pans and ladles while hitting the streets to celebrate the new year and leave all the misery of the past year behind. But before they do that, it is an old tradition to eat passas (raisin) at midnight and to make a wish at every raisin.


If you’re superstitious and want a successful year, make sure you wear new blue underwear. Red underwear, I’ve been told, will guarantee adventure and love.

Dining out? Make reservations!

If you’re planning on eating out it is wise to make reservations. Many Portuguese families celebrate new year’s together in a restaurant, watching the fireworks at midnight. If you have the chance to be invited to a local then that’s the best way to start the new year!

Foto: Andreas Beer @ Flickr

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