Getting Around: Find your way in Lisbon

Getting around in Lisbon isn’t all that hard. But just in case you want to prepare a little bit extra, here are some practical tips for you during your trip.

New Year’s Eve – experience the New Year in Lisbon

Are you arriving in Lisbon for new year’s eve, celebrating the new year in Lisbon? Prepare yourself for a grand party! Enjoy one of the great advantages of celebrating New Year’s Eve in Lisbon: individuals are not allowed to have fireworks. Fireworks shows In Lisbon (just like the rest of…

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Car rental in Lisbon: what you need to know

Auto huren - snelweg

Lisbon is a city with surroundings that invite you to go and explore by car. From the city centre it’s a 45 minute drive to the westernmost piece of European mainland, and the beaches and coastline to the west of the city are breathtaking! If you want to give your…

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Ponte 25 de Abril – The Golden Gate bridge of Lisbon

Red, high and impressive. That’s the 2 mile long bridge over the Tagus river. Ponte 25 de Abril bridge has been designed by the same architect who drew the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. Although the bridge looks red, the color is actually ‘International Orange’. This color is often…

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Electric scooters are taking over Lisbon!

Step screenshot

Since the winter of 2018 the streets of Lisbon have been overrun by electric scooters. Especially in the more touristic areas you can see them pass by frequently. At the moment the places where you can find the scooters are shooting up like crazy, especially in the districts Baixa, Chiado…

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Lisbon travel guide – these are the best

Reisefuehrer Lissabon

We understand that just a few websites are not enough when you’re planning your trip to Lisbon. If your plan is to go to Lisbon for a few days, you could use a good travel guide. Fortunately, there are plenty to find via Amazon. And even though we already know…

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Elétrico 24 – welcome back!

tram24 halte jardim amoreiras

Since April of 2018, tram 24, or Elétrico 24, is been back in the streets of Lisbon after 23 years – and just like elétrico 28, you can enjoy the tram ride in one of the characteristic yellow trams. On the route the tram is numbered 24E, where “E” stands…

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“Utter scammers, those Portuguese!”

Oplichters - klaar voor komst mensen

When you sit down in a Lisbon restaurant, you will always be served olives, bread, butter and cheese, without even having to ask for them. Question is, do you have to pay for it or not? After a morning of sightseeing or shopping, you’ve found a nice restaurant and you’re…

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Estrada Marginal – the coastal road Lisbon-Cascais

There are many nice roads in the world. Not the least in the Lisbon area. But probably none of them is as diverse and interesting as the N6, or the Estrada Marginal: a coastal road of about 30 kilometers or 20 miles that connects Lisbon with Cascais. Estrada Marginal: From…

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The weather in Lisbon

Ah, the weather. In Britain it’s one of the favourite topics, we can talk about it for hours. One day it is utterly bad, the next day the sun shines and everybody’s happy. But did you know that Portuguese are actually the same? That the Lisbon weather is a daily…

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Lisbon Metro: 27 miles of subway

Metropolitano de Lisboa the Lisbon Underground, is the oldest subway systems in Portugal. It is not a very extensive metro network like you have in London and Paris, but it does take you anywhere in the city in a fast, safe and cheap way. In addition, the underground in Lisbon…

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Motorways around Lisbon, an overview

The roads in Portugal have improved a lot over the past 10 years. From roads with large potholes and slums that were built next to motorways, most are now decently maintained and in fact no worse than “our” roads. The highways around Lisbon are very comfortable. Motorways around Lisbon There…

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Aeroporto Humberto Delgado – Lisbon airport

When arriving at Lisbon by plane, you land at Aeroporto Humberto Delgado (LIS), the international airport of Lisbon. Previously it was called Lisboa Portela, after the district in which it is located, but since 15 May 2016 the official name of the Lisbon airport has been Humberto Delgado Airport, named…

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Stopover in Lisbon – start your journey with a city break

More and more airlines are doing it: offering a stopover in their home country for longer (usually intercontinental)flights. Since July 2016, TAP Portugal, the national airline of Portugal, also offers the possibility of a stopover in Lisbon. All passengers flying from Europe to North or South America via Lisbon or…

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Webcams in Lisbon

Lisbon is a city that you have to see with your own eyes. The atmosphere, the smells of the delicious food and the sounds of the city. It is best experienced by wandering around the city yourself. To give you a taste of what you can see there, we’ve collected…

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Train stations in Lisbon

There are four train stations in Lisbon with trains departing for different destinations in Portugal. The Portuguese railroad company is called Caminhos de Ferro Portugueses (CP). The trains they operate are clean, safe and often run on time. If you want to make a day trip in the Lisbon area,…

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