Start your day peacefully at Copenhagen Coffee Lab & Bakery

For a local, a Portuguese breakfast consists of a bica (espresso), toast or a bolo (sweet snack). With many tourists coming to visit the city, the (hipster) delis are springing up like mushrooms. so does the Copenhagen Coffee Lab & Bakery chain.

copenhagen coffee interior

Hip Scandinavian design

You walk into a trendy interior that you would expect to find in a Scandinavian capital rather than the Portuguese capital. Wooden furniture, minimalist design and artful lighting create a hip atmosphere that is sure to appeal to young visitors. Not quite what they are used to, no sound of clattering coffee saucers piled up. But soft tunes from the speaker, creating an oasis of calm.

Let’s talk about the coffee. If you are a coffee lover, you will not be disappointed. The brews are prepared with care and the variety is impressive. But don’t expect a cup of Portuguese coffee like you would find elsewhere in the city. Rather, this is a tribute to international coffee culture.

copenhaagen coffe food

As for food and drink, the breakfast options are undoubtedly delicious. But here comes the critical point: this place seems to be aimed at an international audience and young Portuguese visitors who embrace the latest trends. Avocado toast and exotic yogurt bowls adorn the menu, and while they are delicious, they feel like they stray a little too far from traditional Portuguese cuisine.

As for baking, it’s hard to resist. The croissants are buttery and soft, but here is the same dilemma – they deviate from the traditional pasteis de nata and other local delicacies that Portugal is known for.

We certainly don’t want to discourage you, Copenhagen Coffee Lab & Bakery is a great place to have breakfast or brunch if you’re in the area. The quality of the food and coffee is undeniably high. But if you’re looking for an authentic Portuguese experience, you may need to look elsewhere.Copenhagen Coffee Lab & Bakery is a tasty stop for those who love an international atmosphere and modern brunch dishes. For those looking for a more traditional Portuguese culinary adventure, there are plenty of other places in Lisbon to explore such as Pastelaria São Roque, Pastelaria Orion, Confeitaria Nacional.

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