Topo Chiado – cocktails between historic buildings

Since May 2018 there is a new “rooftop” bar in Lisbon. And we love that! Drinks, views, relaxed atmosphere, so we had to visit Topo Chiado for sure!

Topo Chiado vanaf Justa

Topo Chiado is at the foot of Convento do Carmo on Terraços do Carmo.

Terraços do Carmo

After the big fire of 1988 in the Chiado Terraços do Carmo was designed as a public recreational space. Not only can you find Topo Chiado here (before the fire there were police barracks and after the fire a miradouro was built here). Elevador Santa Justa is also on this Terraços and it is also the side entrance of Convento do Carmo. The view at Topo Chiado is very nice, you can look from the terrace at Rossio andCastelo de São Jorge.

Topo Chiadouitzicht Castelo

Drinking a cocktail between the sights

What makes this terrace unique is that it is located between two attractions: Convento do Carmo and Elevador Santa Justa.

Topo Chiado uitzicht Santa Justa

The outdoor bar of Topo is built against the walls of Carmo overlooking the Elevador da Gloria.

Topo Chiado bar en Carmo

Cocktails and more

That you can drink a delicious cocktail at Topo is a fact, and that you pay more for it than for an average cocktail in Lisbon is also true. But it is worth it. We found it to be a unique experience to enjoy our drinks between these historic buildings.

Topo Chiado restaurant

Topo Chiado is divided into two parts. If you enter from Terraços do Carmo you first pass the lounge area where you can have cocktails. If you walk up the stairs, you will reach Topo’s restaurant where you can order a light meal.

Where do you find Topo Chiado

Address: Terraços do Carmo, Chiado
Opening hours: every day 11 – 02 a.m.

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