Time-Out Mercado da Ribeira – tourist food hall

In Lisbon, you’ll find one of the most expansive and vibrant markets in Europe and Portugal: Time Out Mercado da Ribeira. Renowned as Mercado 24 de Julho, this market hall has served as the primary hub for fresh food since 1892.

Where there used to be only stalls for fruit, fish, vegetables and the like, today it is the place to be. Many locals come here in the morning to start their day.


Since 2014, Time-Out (the one form the travel guides) has taken this market hall seriously. In addition to the traditional market on the ground floor, there is now also a proper food court.
Time-Out Ribeira Market
If you rent an apartment in Lisbon, I advise you to buy your fruit and vegetables at the market (if you choose to buy yourself). It is really very fresh and tasty.

The best of Lisbon under one roof

In the food hall you will find more then 40 restaurants with a different range and products. It goes in all directions, from real local products such as chorizo and ham to fish & shellfish to meat, sandwiches, hamburgers, sushi, chocolate and ice cream. In short, there is something to eat for everyone’s taste.

Our favorite restaurants at Time-Out Mercado da Ribeira: O Prego da Peixaria, croqueteria, Santini, Sea me, Bettina Corallo, Cozinha da Felicadade (de chefkok van Pharmacia), Manteigaria da Silva, A Vida Portuguesa, Recordação de Sintra, Manteigaria.

Time-Out Market Ribeira

Get rid of eating stress

What I really like about this place is that sometimes I have eating stress when I’m in Lisbon. I have so much desire to eat a number of dishes, but I don’t always get to eat them. There is always too little time. In this food hall you can choose many dishes and it often comes in small portions. This way you can taste more from many different restaurants.

Time Out Market Ribeira prego

Busy and lively

It is spacious, but it is always busy. Sometimes it is not easy to get a table to enjoy the food. Especially during lunch and dinner time it can be extremely crowded.

In the middle of the food court are the tables, with the bar in the middle.

very touristy

Time out Riberira Market lunch

I really recommend you go there, it is a pleasure for every foodie! Keep in mind that it is very touristy.

The last few times at Time Out Mercado da Ribeira I found it really too crowded, I prefer less crowded. 20 minutes from the citycenter is Mercado de Campo de Ourique. This food hall is small-scale with super good food. Want to eat more quietly and between the locals, take tram 28 to almost the final stop.

How to get to Time Out Mercado da Ribeira

Address: Avenida 24 de Julho, Cais do Sodré
Openningstijden: daily | Sunday to Wednesday: 10:00 a.m. – 00:00 | Thursday to Saturday: 10:00 a.m. – 02:00 a.m.

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    1. says: We Heart Lisbon

      hi Maria, to emphasise that it is one of the largest food courts in Europe AND in portugal. If we wrote Portugal in Europe, the emphasis would no longer be on it being the largest food court in both Europe and Portugal.