Ice time – the best ice cream shops

In the past, when I went to Lisbon with my parents, ice cream shops hardly existed. At the few ice cream shops that were there, you paid premium for 1 scoop of ice cream. And often the scoop was just a bit too watery and therefore not that tasty.

Luckily, Ola (the ice cream brand, Wall’s in the UK) had some delicious ice cream variations that made me very happy (and to this day – keep the Epa’s with the bubble gum ball at the bottom coming!).

Ice cream shop on every corner

Nowadays, ice cream shops are everywhere in the streets of Lisbon. We love good ice cream (gelado). It is wonderful to cool off in the busy and warm city on a sunny day with the best ice creams in Lisbon.

Here are our favorite ice cream shops:

Gelados Santini

Gelados Santini
Since 1949 this family makes their own ice cream and practice makes perfect! The best ice cream we’ve had in Lisbon! It’s hard to not get some ice cream here, in the center you will find Santini in Rua do Carmo, the street from the Baixa to Chiado.

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Amorino ijs

Looking for some fancy ice cream, then go to Amorino! It is not the cheapest of the bunch but the taste is fantastic and if you take a cone it seems like you have a real flower in your hands.

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A Veneziana - gesloten
Back in the day, If we were so lucky to have ice cream, we went to Restauradores. In this square, a narrow and small ice-cream shop Veneziana is hidden in the corner. 20 years ago this was the best ice cream you could buy in Lisbon. Nowadays there is better ice cream in Lisbon, but for sentimental reasons I still eat an ice cream here.

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Gelato Davvero

Davvero Ijs met kaart

The first branch of Gelato Davvero opened in 2015 and in 3 years time this ice cream store has become one of the favorites of the Lisboetas.
Two Italian friends are the founder of this ice cream store. One of them is also the co-owner of Nannarella.

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Gelados Artisani - ijs
Artisani makes Portuguese handmade ice cream with the texture of Italian artisan ice cream. It is made fresh every day. We are a big fan of Artisani, unfortunately there are few ice cream shops of Artisani in the center.

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Nannarella ingang

This small charming ice cream shop Nannarella can be found in one of our favorite neighborhoods: São Bento. Near the picturesque Praça das Flores. Which is handy, because this small ice cream shop has only 4 seats. So take your ice cream to this nice square.

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Where do you find the ice cream stores

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