Restaurante O Apeadeiro – dining among locals

If you’re looking for good and tasty local food in the heart of tourist Sintra, then go to Restaurante O Apeadeiro. The restaurant is easy to miss, because from the outside there’s not much to look at.

O Apeadeiro Sintra ingang

It looks small but when you are inside and walk past the bar, you can choose from 2 rooms where you can eat.

Eating with the locals

You can recognize an authentic restaurant by the decor: paper covers on the table, bright fluorescent light, the mother of the family in the kitchen and many locals who come to eat their lunch or dinner.

O Apeadeiro ticks all these boxes. As we said before, for us that is a sign that we are going to eat well!

O Apeadeiro Sintra tegels

Delicious food

As soon as the usual bread, butter, olives and cheese came on the table, the menu was brought over. If you fancy typical Portuguese food, then this is the place!

DMost dishes can also be ordered in meio dose (half portions). But don’t make the mistake thinking these portions are small! If you and your table mate are not big eaters, you can probably order half a portion together.

As we thought (and hoped) the food we got was delicious. The carne de porco Alentejana was tasteful and richly filled with amêijoas (clams). My partner chose the Picanha which was served just right, with rice and black beans as it should be.

O Apeadeiro Sintra eten

Surprising dessert

When they brought over the dessert (sobremesa) menu, the waiter also brought a bottle of port with glasses and the famous travesseiros (a roll of crispy puff pastry filled with a cream of eggs and almonds) to the table: on the house!

Good price for good food

The restaurant has been owned by the same owner for over 40 years, making it very popular with the locals. The prices are reasonable: we paid around 40 euros for bread, pastries, butter, 2 main courses, 3 desserts, 2 coffee, 2 drinks and half a liter of wine.

Child friendly

We ate here with our 2 children (3 years and 4 months at the time). The moment our food arrived, our youngest decided to make a scene. From behind the bar one of the waitresses came over and picked up our daughter and went for a walk around the place, so we could eat quietly. Where we’re from that would’ve been strange, but in the hospitable Portugal we’re not that surprised.

O Apeadeiro rondje lopen met Martha

Where to find Restaurante Apeadeiro

The restaurant is close to the station, convenient if you visit Sintra.

If you come by car, you can park in the street. The parking spaces here are scarce, so you may have to walk a bit, but it’s definitely worth it!

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