Restaurante Moinho Ibérico – fresh from the grill

When you’re in the vicinity of the town Magoito, you should stop at Restaurante Moinho Ibérico. Especially if you fancy a good piece of meat that comes straight from the grill. This is one of the best meat restaurants in the Sintra area. For fish lovers: it is also possible to order fresh fish from the grill here.

Reastaurante Moinho Ibérico, Magoito

When I am in Portugal I like to eat (fresh) fish, it has my preference over meat. Except if I can eat in one of the best meat restaurants. The choice of meat here at Moinho Ibérico is fantastic.

The interior looks old and sometimes a bit faded, but do not be fooled by this. I find it funny that no one table is the same, it has a very homely and cozy air to it.

Meia dose ou completo?

When you decide to eat here you will soon notice that the meat is very tasty and super fresh. The food is well prepared and grilled in exactly the right way. Once on your plate it is extremely juicy and tasteful.

When you read the menu, you will see 2 different prices. The cheapest prices are meia dose (half portion), and even if you are a big eater you’ll probably have enough with this size. If you order completo (full portion), prepare yourself for lots and lots of meat.

The service is very attentive: if a full portion is ordered, they wait with serving the 2nd plate. First you are asked if you want more before the meat goes on the grill. A sort of all you can eat, but a bit more refined.

What to order?

Entrecosto de Vitela Assada  bij Restaurante Moinho Ibérico in Magoito
We had the spareribs (entrecosto de vitela, completo) and picanha (meia dose) eand the usual table delights such as olives, cheese, bread, butter, etc. It is common in Portugal for restaurants to put these on the table for you as soon as you sit down. You only pay for this if you eat it. Don’t want it? Just put everything aside. The waiter will come and pick it up again.

For a full meal with a bottle of water and half a liter of wine, dessert and coffee we paid around 40 euros (about £35). That’s for 2 adults and a toddler. At this restaurant there’s no problem to pay with a card (debit or credit card).

The dessert deserves a special mention. We chose the chocolate cake (to share). The cake is homemade and delicious, so good that you want to eat the plate after you’re finished! Perfectly satisfied we got back in the car towards Praia do Magoito to lean back on the beach.


The service is very friendly and there is an informal atmosphere. Not everyone understands the difference between half and whole portions, so it can happen that two adults order two full portions. The waiting staff will probably recommend you take half portions instead (unless you really want to of course).

Is Moinho Ibérico child friendly?

Absolutely! This restaurant is highly recommended to take your kids. The service is well adjusted and if you ask them, they also have children’s cutlery. When you enter the restaurant with a baby or toddler, a highchair will be placed at your table right away. And there’s space in the ladies’ toilets to change the baby.

How to get to restaurante Moinho Ibérico

Address:116, Av. Moinhos do Arneiro 98, Portugal
Opening hours: closed on Tuesday, every other day 11:00 a.m.- 00:00

From Lisbon the restaurant is 45 minutes away. Drive from the A5, N117, A37 / IC19 and A16 to Algueirão-Mem Martins. Take exit 8 from the A16.
Take the N247, R. 25 de Abril, Estr. Antonio Henriques Rodrigues Maximiano and Av. Nossa Sra. da Esperança to the R. do Chão Verde in São João das Lampas

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