Restaurante Frazao – typical Portuguese tourist-free

What do you do when you’re standing in the middle of Belém with two hungry kids, after a visit to the energy museum Central Tejo? Correct, you run straight towards the first restaurant you can find and ask them to bring you the menu as soon as possible.
That’s how we ended up at restaurant Frazao, and we certainly didn’t regret going there.

Restaurante Frazao ingang

Lucky shot

We had some doubt when we saw the menu. The typical Portuguese dishes were there alright, as we like it, but there were pictures of the dishes everywhere.

For a moment I was afraid that we had ended up in a tourist trap, but the panic quickly faded once we were asked for a high chair in English. The waiting staff didn’t understand us at first, but when we asked the same question in Portuguese things were settled quickly.

Good food for a good price

Two dishes was more than enough for us as a family. We ordered Bife Portuguesa with an egg and Bacalhau à Brás, for dessert we had mousse de chocolate en two coffees.
Restaurante Frazao - eten

The choice here is enormous! They have many different kinds of fish like dourada, salmon and chocos. We were late when we entered the restaurant, the kitchen was about to close so unfortunately the chocos were already gone. But if you get here at around 1 p.m. (if there is room) then there is an abundance of choice.

The dishes are not served with vegetables, if you want to add them you have to order them separately.

Runs in the family

The restaurant setup is traditionally Portuguese: mom in the kitchen, dad behind the bar and the kids waiting tables. The dining hall is quite simple, but the food is really tasty!
Restaurante Frazao - restaurant
Between the four of us we spent about €35 euros (£30) and besides the food we also had 2 liters of water and two beers.

Where can you find Restaurante Frazao

Address: Rua da Junqueira 412, Belém
Opening hours: noon – 3:30 p.m. and 7 -11 p.m. Closed on Sundays

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