Restaurant Prego D’Pescador – fish sandwich

Prego is one of Portugal’s most famous meat sandwich – Prego D’Pescador restaurant takes its name from it. Thing is, they don’t just focus on meat, there is also a wide choice of fish. The restaurant is in a nice location in the Parque das Nações neighbourhood near the water and has ample seating outside.

Restaurant Prego D'Pescador, Lissabon

Together with our then two-year-old daughter we arrived hungry, and left the restaurant very satisfied. Besides the food which was very tasty, the service is very friendly and helpful. It’s no problem if you don’t speak Portuguese – the waiting staff knows their languages and can help you on your way in French, English and Spanish.

Rissoles, for the little one of course

We ate some rissoles, that’s Portuguese croquettes. This was meant for the toddler – which is a really good tip when traveling with small children: take the rissoles for the child. They’ll love it!

The portions in Portugal are often pretty large, even with half portions a grown adult has to do his best to finish it. If your child is not too picky you can share your plate, but they will will certainly feast on the rissoles.

Bife a Portuguesa bij restaurant Prego D'Pescador. Lissabon

In addition, we had bacalhau com nata and Bife a Portuguesa. With some bread, cheese, olives and butter in advance, half a liter of wine and a liter of water and as dessert 2 bica’s, we payed 35 euros. That’s a very decent price in a very nice setting!

Where to find Prego D’Pescador

Address: Rua da Pimenta 17, Parque das Nações
Opening hours: Open every day from 12:00 – 01 a.m.

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