RC Restaurante – value for money!

We love to stroll through Alfama and discover new places. And on this particular day we walked from the Pantheon land passed the tiny RC Restaurante near Santa Apolónia station.

RC Restaurante Lissabon

We noticed this restaurant because it is indicated on the outside of the restaurant that a menu costs only €5 each (just over £4). A menu here consists of bread with butter, a main course, dessert, a drink and a coffee. Yes, all of that for €5.

Daily menu

A menu do dia here really is a menu do dia and not, as with many tourist restaurants, just the main course.

We were a little hesitant at first. In Lisbon you can eat for cheap, but these prices (for a menu do dia) were also surprisingly low for us. What does this tell you about the food? Is there a hygiene issue or something? Are there more people inside? Why, why are their prices so low?

Meet the locals

Why their prices are so low we never did find out exactly, but the food was great. Large portions (fish or meat) with rice and fries. And yes, the hygiene was also fine and if you’re not too early for lunch, the restaurant is full of locals (which is the best sign that it is a good place to eat).

Interieur RC Restaurante Lissabon

The staff is young and very friendly and even though the English of our waitress was kind of poor, you’ll certainly manage with sign language. The service is helpful and very efficient.

Be there on time

Because we went here later in the afternoon (around 15h), we no longer had a lot of choice in meals. If you want plenty of choice (and be sure of a place to sit) come as early as possible. We ate chicken Brazil and beef Brazil. Because we ordered an extra bottle of water our bill amounted to 11 euros. Yes, you read that right: 11 euros! For two people and a toddler.

We enjoyed this place and the food very much. You won’t find a lot of places like these anymore in Lisbon, most restaurants have been discovered by tourists. This is one of those typical restaurants where you can actually meet the locals. The long tables offer a good opportunity for this.

Children are also more than welcome in the restaurant, although they didn’t have a high chair when we were there.

Great value for money

If you’re looking for luxury then you should definitely not go to RC Restaurant – in this place it’s “what you see is what you get”. There is nothing fancy about this restaurant but I can assure you, the food here is not less tasty than a tourist restaurant.

Bon RC-Restaurante lissabon

How to get to RC Restaurante

Address: Calçada do Forte 26, Alfama
Opening hours: every day from noon – 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. – 00:00

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