Popular Do Capelo – hidden restaurant in the tourist center

Hidden in the more touristy area of Chiado, restaurant Popular Do Capelo is a typical Portuguese place where many locals come to eat. Don’t be put off by the simple sight from the outside.
Popular Do Capelo - bar
Locals usually have their lunch at the bar, but there are also tables available in an adjoining room where the waiters explain the menu and specialties. The price-quality ratio for both the food and the wine is pretty spectacular here.

Basic, superb food

We love the typical Portuguese restaurants that excel in simplicity. Experience tells us that the more basic the atmosphere is, the tastier the food will be.

Popular Do Capelo - menu
EAnd Popular Do Capelo doesn’t disappoint! The dishes on the menu are as we prefer them, but there are also traditional regional delicacies on the menu.

Serving staff is busy

We were kindly received. Upon arrival we were quickly directed to a table and the menus were almost thrown at us. It was very busy in the restaurant and the service was running around. An old-fashioned high chair was conjured up from a cupboard so that our youngest could sit at the table as well.

After 15 minutes rush hour was over and the men in the waiting staff were able to catch their breath, they had some more time.

The menu is in Portuguese, but if you have a question, the waiters are very helpful to explain things to you. If you still can’t figure it out then you can always Google it.

Huge portions

We ordered hambúrguer com molho mostarda (hamburger in mustard sauce) and costeletas (cutlets) for the whole family. Indeed, we ordered 2 portions and ate them with the whole family (our toddlers are very good eaters).

The food was super tasty and just like we are used to with the dishes, there were also (many) homemade fries, with a little bit of salad on the side.
Popular Do Capelo - rekening
For the above dishes, bread, butter and olives, two mousse de chocolate, wine, water and coffee we paid less than €35, or just over £30.

White wine from the keg

Vinho Verde (“green wine”) is a delicacy in Portugal. It is wine from the Minho and should be drunk ice-cold. It is one of our favorite wines to drink. We were very pleased to see that next to the beer tap there was a Vinho Verde tap to tap the wines ice-cold.

Where to find Popular Do Capelo

Address: Rua Capelo 8 Chiado
Opening hours: Monday through Saturday 7 a.m. – 9 p.m. | Sunday closed

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