Pastelaria-Padaria São Roque – Lisbon’s prettiest pastelaria

Just like the eponymous church, Igreja de São Roque, just down the street, you won’t suspect that you’re walking past a gem when you walk into Pastelaria–Padaria São Roque.

Pastelaria–Padaria São Roque overzicht

Hidden behind the doors you will find one of the most beautiful pastelarias in Lisbon. This is mainly due to the Art Nouveau architecture inside.

Art Nouveau versus sweets

Pastelaria-Padaria São Roque was founded at the beginning of the twentieth century and was soon known to Lisboetas for its gracefully curved ceiling and honey-coloured columns, decorated with golden shades at the top.

Pastelaria–Padaria São Roque bestellen

The place is also unmistakably flirting with azulejos (Portuguese tiles), reflected in the colours green and orange in the interior under the counter.
Pastelaria–Padaria São Roque toonbank

It is truly a pleasure to place your order at the smooth marble counter, not only because the interior is beautiful, also because the sweet cakes are delicious.

Pastel de Nata

Pastelaria–Padaria São Roque pastel de nata
If you go for the pastel de nata, don’t expect something spectacular. The pastel here is a bit on the sweet side, but overall nice and crunchy.


If you prefer to skip the sweet stuff you can also buy freshly baked bread at Pastelaria-Padaria São Roque, as well as various soups and snacks such as sandwiches. Don’t be surprised if people come in just to buy a sandwich and drink a bica, while you’re enjoying your cake.

Where to find Pastelaria-Padaria São Roque

Pastelaria-Padaria São Roque is less than 10 minutes walk from Ascensor da Glória and Miradouro São Pedro de Alcântara.

Address: R. Dom Pedro V 57, Príncipe Real
Opening hours: every day from 7-7

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