Pastelaria Café Gelo – only choose the sweetness

Rossio has many eateries, but few real bakeries. Luckily you can find the pastelaria Café Gelo just around the corner from the Rossio train station. The shop’s window is a pleasure to look into, clearly displaying the variation of their range.

Café Gelo bij Rossio, Lissabon

Besides the pastéis de nata you can also buy bread, cookies and all kinds of typical Portuguese sweets and pastries here. Café Gelo has a decent terrace outside on the pavement at Rossio, but they also have an opportunity to have a seat inside.

Pastéis de nata from Café Gelo

The pastéis de nata here are pretty tasty. The flavour is full and creamy and the dough is not so thin, so the pastel de nata has more body. A big plus for this bakery is that they also serve small sized pastéis de nata. If you like the taste of the first one, you won’t feel bad about yourself if you get another.

Limit yourself to the pastries and baking products at Café Gelo, the meals aren’t that good. It almost seems like dishes are heated up in a microwave, sometimes it can taste quite tough.

Café Gelo is the number 6 in our Pastéis de Nata test

Where do you find Café Gelo

Address: Praça Dom Pedro IV (Rossio), Baixa
Opening hours:: daily 7:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

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